🔥🔥 #1 Louisville Chargers (KY) 11U vs #3 Lauderhill Lions (FL) Youth Football - ishmargames.com

🔥🔥 #1 Louisville Chargers (KY) 11U vs #3 Lauderhill Lions (FL) Youth Football

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Youth football highlights of the SHOWDOWN between the nation’s #1 team, Louisville Chargers vs #3 Lauderhill Lions. The game was intense from the start. This much anticipated game of national powerhouses was won by the Chargers 21-6. Presented by Capture a Star, @capturastar,


  1. These kids can PLAY! I was really impressed by the skills displayed by both teams.

  2. I really appreciate and respect their coaches for teaching and coaching them shoeing the the proper techniques to get along with others and discipline

  3. yk how thay have lil league baseball on tv thay should have football

  4. The little boy that said yall on hush mode if i was on yall team i would of dropped him as soon as the damn whistle blew

  5. People will say they too hard on them they just kids…people dont get Football Culture, its a way of life and this how its done. Big ups to you my guy for the footage!!

  6. Who is #1 for the chargers he bout 4’5 fast as hell lol

  7. if ya footbal coach got dreads or waves you know u in good hands lol

  8. Aye i’m bouta start playin football next year, I’m already starting to see improvement😈

  9. #1 had the biggest heart on the field !!! Man is gonna be a problem as he gets older !!! He was making plays all game !!! Great Job out there youngin !!

  10. Some of the guys that didn’t play were trash talking

  11. man chargers good at offense need to work on defense a bit

  12. This make my adrenaline rush just by watching this 😈

  13. Real talk the fact that a coach has to curse at the kids bothers me man. As a man I don't curse at my son and I be damn if another man going to curse at him. That is unacceptable period. We watch over our children, the coaches are teachers. Would you let a teacher curse at your kid.

  14. So. Louisville from. Laurdahill. Is 1049. Miles 🥲. I fill. Bad. For the bus. Driver🥲

  15. chargers beats of the bat lions remember they said chargers dont hit like them

  16. 1 on the chargers would be a perfect cornerback or safety his defense is amazing

  17. My team prays before every game I respect that team

  18. Our class got so many bags when we go to vacation 😂

  19. It's funny how all the beef be going on between the coaches and not players

  20. I wonder the outcome of this team playing the West Covina Bruins 11U

  21. damn they rich af f7 fisor backplate everything

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