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🔥 11U Falcons United vs East Metro Steelers Youth Football

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Youth football highlights of Falcons United vs East Metro Steelers. Presented by Capture a Star, @captureastar,


  1. And let everyone have a good game cause I play with 5th graders and I'm short as crap and I play with 6th graders to !!

  2. Fax spread word of God God says that he shall never leave u alone any they and thy sin shall be torgiving

  3. That’s cool how y’all have the NFL football team logo me I am the sac raiders second to none

  4. I'm goingto play for the Greenville grizzlies when I get my grades up

  5. God loves you please stay with him and dont do anything bad that would hurt you it hurts him bye💖

  6. My son likes football and he keeps praying to play good and get in to it

  7. Bruh kid football is so unprofessional there all like yaaaaaaa hahahahahahaha bruh

  8. Oh yeah that Julio Jones catch. I remember that.

  9. I was dead when my nigga said white chocolate lol

  10. Your Team makes me so happy I can't wait to start Playing FB

  11. I played on the highlight elite team you did

  12. Blessings to you and yours …God is life

  13. Under armor lean my game went to overtime we still lost his mind but falcons

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