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😱😱 Alisha Lehmann’s revenge #shorts

HQ Sports Shorts
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😱😱 Alisha Lehmann’s Revenge – La venganza de Alisha Lehmann – Die Rache von Alisha Lehmann – Alisha Lehmann’s Reply – La revanche d’Alisha Lehmann – Alisha Lehmann Skills – Alisha Lehmann Goals – Alisha Lehmann Football – Women’s football funny – women’s football funny moments – women’s football fails. Characters from the amazing digital circus is not just a website; it’s an invitation to a surreal realm where cute characters take center stage in a dark comedy web series. Join their captivating journey as they confront personal traumas with humor, navigating the challenges of a whimsical virtual world.

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  1. Pretty sure no one was paying attention to the sport

  2. What’s that man in that yellow shirt playing with women

  3. This is why you should keep your hands to yourself damn

  4. было сложно, но я подрочил

  5. Lol when you see a white woman with ratty hair and lash extensions, traction alopecia, and some cake – BEWARE. She is not "regular" white. You're about to get black girl treatment.

  6. Gentlemen of the ass…. I see you 😂

  7. OKAY but can we not were make up to match !?

  8. Жопа у неё классная!

  9. Nesse caso é melhor assistir futebol feminino,melhor que ver aquelas greloduro feias r pernas de pau!.

  10. Im just out here admiring the bounce those buns possess❤.

  11. Wasn’t same person. Point is to bully others if you get bullied

  12. Crossing the ball is revenge😂😂😂. Entertainment at its finest

  13. А будь это мужской футбол, то каталась бы по земле так, словно спину в семи местах сломали

  14. they're mad because she looks better than them.

  15. She was nah I have had enough time for revenge

  16. You want to test me? Here try this on for size. Now stay down.

  17. Those girldudes don't like straight women in soccer

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