🛑 LIVE | Philippines vs Cambodia | Women's football | SEA Games 31 - ishmargames.com

🛑 LIVE | Philippines vs Cambodia | Women’s football | SEA Games 31

SEA Games 31 Viet Nam 2021
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🛑 LIVE | Philippines vs Cambodia | Women’s football | SEA Games 31
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  1. Frilles is the younger version of lisa de vanna…she must develop her running speed, her dribbling then her shooting outside the box…3 – 5 years from now she is something …a dangerous scorer..

  2. Chất lượng ánh sáng và quay phim của VN như thời nguyên thủy

  3. Congratulation team Philippines so proud and happy saludo ako sana bigyan ako pagkataon makalaro noong medyo bata pa ako sayang na tutunan ko sa bansang Kuwait sa paglaro ng football at futsal na hindi ko nagamit sa bansang kung sinilangan kahit hindi ako nakapaglaro masaya naako unti unti ng lumago nakilala ng ang football sa Pilipinas sana Ultimate Frisbee na sport makilala rin..

  4. So many people here are uneducated but has the courage to comment about halfbloods. These athletes represent a country and representation are not limited to full blooded or home grown talents only. I bet not a single country has 100% fullblooded athletes, or never competed or trained their athletes abroad. Guys, welcome to the era of globalization. People dont live in an island or cave anymore. They thrive anywhere around the globe & they have the freedom to comeback and represent the country that qualifies them to do. Being uneducated is okay but spreading disinformation about criticising the citizenship, colors, place of residence of athletes representing their country is the dumbest thing iv seen here!

  5. Chuẩn bị bao lâu như thế mà không phát hiện nổi dàn đèn ánh sáng không đủ nhỉ !

  6. កម្លោះរកាលេី says:

    Mostly halfblood player 😂 how should u proud of ur team les pinoys

  7. Sao tối thui vậy trời mất mặt quá

  8. Is this the ph team who qualifies to world cup?

  9. Congratulations team Philippines🥳🎊 bravo bravo👏👏👏 proud of you😘

  10. Luar biasa timnas cewek pinoy dan cowok dua duanya bisa bikin repot tuan rumah vietnam di seagames ke 31 ini

  11. Yg timmas cowok bisa nahan imbang tuan rumah vietnam

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