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#1 Alabama vs #11 Florida Highlights | College Football Week 3 | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Alabama vs Florida Highlights (Florida vs Alabama) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Alabama and Florida played in Week 3 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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  1. SEC!! I don’t think Tennessee is ready for this Florida 🐊. They showed tough today but Alabama is Alabama.

  2. Billingsley threw up GD on national TV 😂

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  4. Just wanna say Good f*cking game to the Gators! This is what SEC football is all about, you guys are pretty damn good. Now, for us “BAMA” fans we have some of the most spoiled brat ass fans in the sport. Yes, the defense needs to improve its week damn 3 and that’s obvious but to think every game is going to be a 40 point blowout is delusional.. especially in the damn Swamp against a pretty f*cking good RIVAL. The type of adversity you need to grow early in the season. RTR!🐘 again, GGs Gators.

  5. That 2 point conversion attempt was terrible.

  6. Been a gator since 5th grade I’m 25 now this was my first time In the swamp this Saturday OMG what a atmosphere 🤯 tough hard fought loss still so proud of my boys once Mullen gets a team that is fully handpicked by him and his staff we will be a real deal problem thanks for making Florida fun again Dan 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  7. As a Bama fan I am most disappointed in the run game. No push up front and running backs going down on first contact. Got some work to do but otherwise I will always take a win in the swamp

  8. Bama defense is sloppy asf.. however the tides offense is amazing. They will win this year. Florida took advantage of the hostile environment

  9. Shorter look like Megatron or something Jones does not go thru progressions he looks 1 way !! No pressure look at the plays guys b open .and when he does throw it it's mostly a terribly thrown ball. No touch.nick Saban thanks God he saw Richardson on the sideline all day. Sec championship gators win bye 10 . Jones is mediocre at his best he can do no better den he did today and it was mediocre.richardson is a star .I know y'all see dis shit!!!!

  10. Coach Uce will have a lot to say about this game.

  11. I dont respond to people that ask for like/subscription in first few seconds of video.

  12. Uga is the number 1 team in the country… we got some work to do but we are most definitely rolling through Florida this year

  13. Dan Mullen out coached Nick Saban Richardson should 've played QB

  14. #6 on the Gators is the truth frfr👀💯✊🏿

  15. Alabama didn't score in the 2nd Quarter. And only scored 10 points in the 2nd half of the game.This ain't Alabama Football here. They struggled at the running game. The running backs ain't good enough. They can still meet up again in the SEC championship game. That's if Florida beat Georgia. Roll Tide Roll🤟🏽

  16. Florida the only team to give bama a game last two seasons

  17. worst 2-point conversion attempt I've seen in a long time.

  18. What a sorry ass attempt at a 2 point conversion. You have a mobile QB, make Bama work trying to stop you. You can roll him out and try to either pass or run.

  19. Florida QB has a bad habit of holding the ball too long in the option play. He did it twice or three times and got lucky on one when the RB broke loose. But on a 2 point conversion late in the game at the goal line…..why would he just sit there questioning whether to keep or give, he basically just sat there and gave the defense time to get through the line.

  20. Florida didn't even get that 4th down right at the end. They were given a huge gift with that spot and still didn't take advantage of it. The refs wanted them to win and I can't believe they didn't try a pass or option or something on that 2 point conversion. Anything other than what they did.

  21. Love watching Florida get beat. Bunch of overrated shoe-throwing douchebags on that team. No disrespect to the fans, obviously haha.

  22. Florida has a great team…they could absolutely be in Georgia for the sec championship this year.

  23. This game clearly proved that Florida is the 2nd best team in the nation.

  24. As a gator fan im not upset we lost cause it's Alabama it think we did really well against #1 but I mean whyyyyy are we starting the "backup" Anthony should be starting man 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ he's so much better than Emory. He didnt starting cause of a injury? But was doing flips and shxt during practice. Come on, I didn't know football starts went by seniority not skill😒😒 Emory has more interceptions than TDs

  25. That poor kicker will have nightmares about that missed PAT for years.

  26. Gators "Much" tougher than we thought… Gators actually should have won. bama got lucky

  27. Damn Bama got a ass defense against the run I can't believe that normally it's top tier run stoping

  28. Tennessee going to do the same thing Go Vols!🍊

  29. Miami should've played like this against Alabama and Miami got just as much talent as Florida has. The only difference is Florida has a better coaching staff.

  30. Still proud of them Gators.. we will see them again in the SEC championship

  31. Alabama giving scholarships to all these refs

  32. I would love to know what Dan Mullen was yelling at his OC at 13:42 after the read option was called for the 2pt attempt that failed. Gotta believe he was livid, thinking Florida has got to have something better drawn up within the goal line package vs dang-on Alabama in a 2 point game. To be fair to the OC, the read option had them rolling in the second half! Great game all around!!!

  33. Mobile Alabama here, as a bama fan them Florida gators had me on the edge of my seat, sheesh!!! Shout out to florida they game us a game

  34. Georgia isn’t the best team in the west. Florida will have a healthy AR15 in Jax.

  35. I could have married Marilyn Monroe if I was only born in the 1920's

  36. The QB for FL fucked them up holding the ball to long on the RB for him to run it. Like bro make up your Mind let him run it or you run with the ball 😂😂😂

  37. Florida should have won this game. Smh

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