#1 Georgia vs #4 Ohio State Highlights (Normal Broadcast & Camera Angles) | College Football Playoff - ishmargames.com

#1 Georgia vs #4 Ohio State Highlights (Normal Broadcast & Camera Angles) | College Football Playoff

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Georgia vs Ohio State Highlights (Ohio State vs Georgia) | CFP Semifinal | Peach Bowl | 2022 College Football Highlights. Georgia Football and Ohio State Football played in the 2022 College Football Playoff Semifinal.

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  2. Ohio st arguably played their best game and still lost

  3. I still laugh at you clown ass ohio st fans that think that was a targeting on Harrison jr when the defender clearly hit him with his shoulder

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  5. I just noticed something interesting.

    Lots of people have complained that the TO wasn't called in time. Others have pointed out that there were 12 men on the field for OSU and no flag was thrown.

    However, if you look at 11:25 of this video, before the ball is snapped and while Kirby is trying to call time out, the line judge is making the signal for an illegal procedure. He had just put the whistle in his mouth and started making the signal when Kirby starts to rush up to him.

  6. Survive…..nawl they came back n beat they ass…50 yard fg..is guaranteed by nobody..not even pro player…

  7. It feels like Ohio got cheated out of this one. A timeout should not be allowed once a play has fully finished. Both teams are full of talent and performed very well. Great game to watch.

  8. Great video but sadly marred by switching to the radio play by play on the climatic score of the game. Should have added it secondly for double enjoyment.

  9. If Georgia plays like they did with Ohio state against TCU they will get destroyed lol. "GO FROGS"!!!!

  10. Funny game: ND, M State, Northwestern all played great defense against OSU, Michigan beats them big time, and they score 41 on Georgia.

  11. Great Great game. Those 2 teams were built for each other. This year.

  12. Will never get over this one but it was so much fun to be there. Two fan bases that know and love football

  13. Once Again, we are reminded how Important a Kicker truly is … He'll of Match up… Congratulations to The Georgia Bulldogs on a "Great Comeback and a Fabulous Season"…E.L.K.

  14. Stetson was so bad for 85% of this game. Bad reads, bad throws. I'm still a bit stunned that UGA managed to pull this one out.

  15. Great highlights bro. This was the first time I’ve seen your channel 👌

  16. That last kick would’ve got him to the league. Man that was terrible

  17. Georgia won I respect them all I'm saying is some calls were missed and when look at it Georgia isn't what they think they are. They tough but Kirby smart saved theseason.

  18. How much to hook the kick , besides the kid obviously taken money to throw the game _this game was better than all the college pussy on b campuses

  19. Plays of the game:

    Total rat fuck overturned targeting call
    GA illegal motion no call on 2pt try
    No call of taunting on the targeting call

    Gotta have the SEC in the big game. Happens every season. They get every call. But we did prove that Bowl Cut Kirby’s defense is good until they play a great offense. No Trey Henderson, JSN, Williams, Stover and Harrison in the 4th QTR and we still hung 41 on them. Go Horned Frogs! Anyone who drafts that out of shape Carter kid are fools! He made 0 plays in this game.

  20. If they don't knock Harrison out of the game. It's a different game! Either way will forever live with what if's.

  21. The amazing missed FG at exactly 12am on New Years was fucking perfect 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Ohio State definitely got cheated out of a win

  23. If Ohio St. would of scored a touchdown on the drive where Marvin Harrison Jr. got hurt I think that could have been the knockout punch that took down Georgia.

  24. I still don’t think OSU would of Won is Harrison Jr in the games. I don’t think their defense did enough plus Ga defense put pressure on Stroud way more in the second half.

  25. Stoud's 'harassed' whenever Georgia's defense pressures him, even they don't sack him. Chris Fowler being neutral there.

  26. I like the new camera angles more then normal ones

  27. Two great teams, One great game.
    Buckeye fans need to stop complaining about injuries,
    Georgia fans need to stop acting like they won by 50.
    Both teams deserved to win but only one could.
    So is football.

  28. Ohio State is the new LR/OU. Put up insane offensive stats, but can’t win the big game when it matters. Those 5 star WR’s look nice, but that is all OSU has.

  29. I don't want to hear shit, when GA beat the hell out of TCU.

  30. That time out was bs it was too late, the play should of happened

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  32. Now seeing Georgia humiliating TCU ohio state looked pretty good in this game

  33. This loss is a billion times worse considering how TCU is doing in the NC…
    We were a hair away from winning the easiest NC ever

  34. Came back to watch this, the real final after that embarrassment of a final that TCU just put up…


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