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There are a lot of great games in store for this week. Here are the 10 I’m looking forward to the most.

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  1. What game are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

  2. Purdue vs Notre Dame I think I am going to with Notre dame.

  3. Really looking forward to the white out penn state vs auburn

  4. I'm excited for Army-UConn. Army might rush for 500 yards

  5. This weekend will be my 2nd whiteout. I went to the 4th and 5 game against Ohio State which has heavily hyped and was exhausting to watch. It was a great atmosphere and I would recommend it to any CFB fan. Hopefully we can get a W against Auburn. We Are!

  6. Memphis vs. Miss State could be a sneaky good game.

  7. Colorado vs Minnesota, not a lot on the line for each of these teams but could be a very solid match up. Colorado's defense, and Minnesota's offense

  8. I'm afraid my Mountaineers are going to have their hands full with the Hokies this weekend.

  9. im suprised ole miss and tulane wasnt on here that is going to be a very high scoring game

  10. Florida Defense is not in the top 50 defenses. Bama has 10th ranked Defense. Florida has yet played a top 50 defensive team, Plus their passing game they enjoyed in 2020 went with Trask and Kyle Pitts. They been able to run the ball, but as I said they not played a good defense yet,

  11. Texas a&m vs New Mexico, Terry Wilson has been ballin for New Mexico

  12. Super excited for ASU vs BYU , I got my cougars over your sun devils but it will be a good game

  13. Brother you can’t talk about Purdue without mentioning George Karlaftis he’s been a gamewrecker

  14. No matter what, Bama’s gonna win. However, if Florida wants to keep it close, start AR15!

  15. If you can, cover the top 25 teams of D2 and D3 football?? That’ll get you much more content ideas to talk about?

  16. Yall are full of crap think gators n bama both suck

  17. Nevada vs Kansas st. Nevada quarterback Carson Strong has serious potential to be the first qb off the board next draft with a good season

  18. Florida needs to start AR15 if they want to have a chance. With what we’ve seen from him so far, shocking the Tide could be his “coming out” party and I’d love to see it happen.

  19. I’m looking forward to
    Florida vs Alabama
    Penn State vs Auburn
    Arizona State vs BYU
    Michigan State vs Miami
    Georgia Tech vs Clemson

  20. Did you cover Ole Miss vs Tulane , i missed it

  21. Boise state Oklahoma state is kinda underrated. I still believe in Boise this year and think they will go 12-1

  22. ASU BYU is going to be a good one.

    Plus it’s a family rivalry. My grandpa was a professor at BYU and my wife’s grandpa was a professor at ASU.

  23. I think it’s a crucial game for FSU at wake this weekend

  24. I'm attending the su/Albany game at the dome today! Obvi not any sort of great matchup but I know some guys on the Albany team and I think they could upset

  25. Can anybody help me with my college football parlays???

  26. When will you make more of the “A game to remember” videos?

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