#10 Kansas State vs #3 TCU Highlights | Big 12 Championship | 2022 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#10 Kansas State vs #3 TCU Highlights | Big 12 Championship | 2022 College Football Highlights

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TCU vs Kansas State Highlights (Kansas State vs TCU) | 2022 Big 12 Football Championship Highlights. Kansas State and TCU played in the 2022 Big 12 Football Championship Game.

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  1. It's a tribute to the job Bill Snyder did building the Kansas State program that they are still winning conference championships years after he retired. He laid the foundation for a successful, big-time college football program and Chris Klieman has kept it going. They have won Big 12 titles in the 2000's, the 2010's and now the 2020's. That's no small feat.

  2. That 3rd down try was a touchdown offucials whats new! bad call not to kicknthe fueld gail in 4th down by TCUs coach.

  3. 😮 I’m lost for words.. Holy shyt WOW TCU I was hoping you guy’s would blow em’ OUT! Smh I will give the up most Respect 🫡 to the TCU Quarterback.. Smfh Damn Good game tho

  4. 2 horrible calls by the refs against K State and they still won. That was a potential 5 extra points they should've had. They were trying so hard to give this game to TCU.

  5. TCU didn’t start blitzing the quarter back until the end of the 3rd quarter, the defense play calling needs to be better especially on 3rd and long.

  6. Rock steady, way to go KSU, Think this might make recruiting a bit easier to retain home talent.

  7. Gotta respect the TCU QB…Duggan… he played his ass off nothin but heart and grit

  8. K state will firing on all cylinders. While most Bama players do not care anymore since they are looking for NFL draft. K State may beat Alabama. And I would like to point out that the Ref in this game is a Asian dude.

  9. Technically Kansas state is a bigger and better school so we knew this was coming

  10. Credit Max Duggan. He's a GAMER. Never quit, kept fighting the whole game. Might not be flashy like others, but he's gonna be a solid pro at the next level with his mindset and work ethic. Also plays every down with a chip on his shoulder. Love that

  11. TCU will be bounced in a ugly way 1st round👍

  12. bruh tcu play caller should be fired for that overtime

  13. Fuck Duggan , k- state got screwed outta playoff spot. But hey here's a participation trophy 🏆

  14. Great game. Could have gone to either Cats or Frogs but K-State was consistent. Momentum was in their favor until the fumble on the return. Go KU and KSU in their bowl games against Arkansas and Alabama.

  15. We Are Not Kansas State. GO BLUE!!!

  16. Tcu is about to get thumped by Michigan it won’t even be close. Tcu can’t stop the run. Michigan is about to run the ball all night.

  17. I'm not sure why they did not just kick the FG if you did not make it don't try to force it and you would have either ended tied or you could have got another chance crazy call by coaches on that one

  18. Tcu should have dropped in the rankings be we know why they didn’t play off committee don’t want bama to play in the finals but I want watch none of the games and hope they lose a lot of money since bama is not in the playoffs

  19. TCU had too many turnovers to beat a good team.

  20. Max Duggan gets the respect of anyone who ever put on the pads and helmet. He's tough as nails and has heart as big as the field he plays on. And I'm an SEC fan.

  21. Next season Baylor will win the Big 12. Followed by UCF.

  22. So stupid not going for the FG in overtime 🙄. Great game though.

  23. TCU still deserves to be in the CFP, I'm an LSU fan and if we somehow Georgia still would've been playoff bound. USC is going to be in the CFP regardless as well.

  24. How about that run @ 12:29? That TCU defender got sat on his arse. lol

  25. TCU still makes the playoffs. They have the third most wins at 12, where everyone else is 11 or below.

  26. Duggan balling and playing crazy hard. Playoffs may be interesting

  27. Watching this game, TCU is going to get Oklahoma 2.0 in the playoffs. You had your “run”.

  28. KSU Cat fan… yeah, win or lose the sugar bowl vs. Bama' … I just want to see Adrian Martinez be the starting QB for KSU in New Orleans. I believe it's the right thing too do. And a shout out too Eli Huggins.

  29. I saw the post-game interview with Duggan, he was crying his eyes out. It is the most heartbreaking moments in sports where you give it all and you lose to a field goal in overtime. I know what I am talking about… I am a Bills fan 🥴

  30. The holding at 9:25 left 4th quarter. He didn’t call the holding call until max D made the man miss and picked up the first down 😐 watch the ref he doesn’t call it when it happens but as soon as he got the big play the flag came out

  31. Why does Kansas St have two number 22 players?

  32. My heart hurt watching Duggan on the sideline there at the end. He was taking massive physical punishment from the very beginning of the game. He put the team on his back, only for them to go splat on the goal line!

  33. Please tell me how TCU should be in the playoff still

  34. Great game. TCU very tough and exciting to watch. Kansas State a little better on Saturday. If TCU had scored a td in OT, no telling how many more OTs would have followed. They might still be playing.

  35. Duggan is a trooper…s.f or the Texans could get him in the 1st, the oline lost that game…on the 1yd line and you can't get a push on 2 tries? KS safeties played better too.. congrats wildcats

  36. Yall gor a great swuad. I'm hoping my wolverines show up and play a great game

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