#10 LSU vs #6 Alabama Highlights (AMAZING GAME!) | College Football Week 10 | 2022 College Football - ishmargames.com

#10 LSU vs #6 Alabama Highlights (AMAZING GAME!) | College Football Week 10 | 2022 College Football

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LSU vs Alabama Highlights (Alabama vs LSU) | 2022 College Football Highlights. LSU Football hosted Alabama Football in week 10 of the 2022 College Football Season.

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  1. So are all these fans students of both schools? That's some crowd and and an amazing game to cap the enthusiasm of these adorable fans. This is pure gold.

  2. I'm sorry. How did they justify giving the fumble back to Alabama at 4:00? It was clearly controlled by LSU before Latu even had a chance to touch that.

  3. 6:35 Chris Fowler: "No contact." As the receiver is literally being tackled to the ground

  4. as a bama fan LSUs defense is better than people think and so is Jayden Daniels! Good Job Tigers! Nothing but respect!

  5. Brian Kelly had balls of steel going for the two-point conversion in OT!!!
    I’m not even an LSU fan but this was so awesome, and this is one of those things that CFB offers that you cannot get in the NFL

  6. bama and clemson loose on the same day, 🙂

  7. That OOB fumble rule is the stupidest fucking rule in sports history

  8. it’s always a good day when alabama loses

  9. Would not be surprised if LSU could win the whole thing this year if they are the CHOSEN one, like many years ago they won the championship as a 2 loss team.

  10. Everyone gives Alabama their best game. Proof is how they celebrate like they the national championship when defeating Alabama. The referees sure didn't hurt LSU either.

  11. Congrats from an Oregon Ducks fan.
    College atmosphere is so amazing.
    Some of these big matchups are unbelievably exhilarating.

    In the NCAA it’s do or die and, virtually every week, you’ll find a powerhouse matchup where it feels like a playoff game because… that’s practically what it is – one game, and you could be done. The percentage, alone, on whether a team wins or loses is vividly clear.

    And as Ducks fan I’ve witnessed many times what happens when we come up short – especially near the end of the season, because that’s when the AP Poll is at its most potent.

    Y’all played a heck of a game.
    And Bama has constantly been a force to be reckoned with.
    The irony that some may not realize, Saban goes for 2 point conversions on both pre OT TD’s (and fails) and Kelly goes for the last one as a knockout punch.

  12. Going for two in the middle of the game is very overrated. Bama learns the hard way.

  13. Imagine Gus Johnson calling this game

  14. This is one hell of a young team. Loved the game fantastic. GEAUX TIGERS!!

  15. That was the Walter Payton move,, where did LSU guy learn Walter Payton high step fake out move?

  16. Lmao Alabama players and fans a bunch of bums! Have fun watching the playoffs from the sidelines 😂😂😂😂 trash 🗑️

  17. Guess what. Alabama goes 6th to 10th. and they're 7-2. That's bullshit. Any other colleges gets two losses, they're out of the playoffs for good.

    Who keeps sucking Alabama's dick?!

  18. Wow could this be true LSU finally learn how to make it past the 50 yard line wow I guess you guys really do have something to be happy about I mean after all you never win it's not like you're going to the playoffs or something right haha 😂🤦‍♂️ we beat ourselves LSU sucks

  19. Where all them bama fans who guaranteed Tide would not loose again after Tenn game?

  20. That’s was a dumb way to end that first Alabama drive by the qb to throw that ball like he pay mohomes or something smh

  21. That last two times Bama has been denied the playoffs was courtesy of LSU.

  22. Before they go to sleep, Bama checks in their closet for LSU and under their bed for Tennessee. 🤣

  23. There should be a party in every state across the country when Alabama misses the playoffs (except maybe one : ). Only 2nd time. Enjoy it! This is way more exciting playoff now for non Alabama fans.

  24. Bama lost because they went for two TWICE in the 4th…Do the math should of not went for two that second time Coaches fault to put team in that mathematical position…

  25. That 2pt decision made my heart stop. I'm going to need medication with The Brian era

  26. New sheriff in town. Bama get use to it. More to come when Kelly gets those five stars he want. Daniels Perkins Taylor Ojulari Wingo Gaye Campbell Jones people remember those names. Just getting warmup. Geaux tigers.

  27. better editing than NFL channel. Great job Wheels!

  28. Alabama dynasty is over 😊 Georgia runs the show now

  29. Game should have neverbeen this close. The refs literally were letting Alabama offensive line hold the entire game! Glad LSU beat em!! Go Buckeyes!!

  30. The fumble back to Bama was bull, LSU guy had both hands on it before Latu even touched it.

  31. They did it for Shaq. He bet on them on his podcast. He won a previous bet on the Bears-Cowboys game, then he said let's go double or nothing. Bama LSU. I got Bama. You don't think LSU can win? Bet it, my guy. B-E-T-T-I-T. Don't talk about it, back it up. Bet on it.

    Shaq was right and no one thought he would be.

  32. I still call BS on that fumble that Bama "recovered". I know the rule, but what bugs me is the LSU player touched it before he got a hand back on it, and since he didn't have "possession", not just touching it, I don't think Bama should have that ball. I'm also incredibly anti Tide so sure I'm biased but I'd say it both ways.

  33. Bryce Young is legit. Incredible pocket presence, feels pressure and a great at reading defenses. Has good quickness, good arm strength and quick release. If he was 3-5 inches taller he'd be talked about as being a generational QB.

  34. As an Alabama fan, I’m not even mad anymore 😂. Me being mad just stresses me out😂 Let’s just hurry up and finish this season. Can’t wait for next season to start 😂Saban has a lot of work to do in the offseason definitely need to get rid of Bill and Pete ASAP! Need to bring that Alabama football back! Since my team won’t be in the national championship. I support any SEC teams that gets a shot at the national championship but fuck LSU, fuck Florida, fuck Auburn and fuck Texas A&M. Those are the 4 SEC teams I hate with a burning passion because they always put up a good fight against my Alabama😅 Anyway good job LSU you guys outplayed us. It’s all good. Fuck the other conferences to. As long as an SEC team wins the national championship, I’m good with that. Hopefully Georgia or Tennessee wins the national championship for SEC nation. Let’s good SEC nation!!

  35. I mean a miracle can still happen if LSU loses to Arkansas and Texas A&M and we beat Ole Miss and don’t lose again. We can still go to the SEC championship. Hey it’s possible🤷‍♂️ it’s the SEC anything can happen on any given day. Both the Arkansas and Texas A&M games are away for LSU. All we can do as Alabama fans is have faith. Everything will work itself out.

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