10-Year-Old Blaze World’s FASTEST Football Prodigy 🔥 | Next TYREEK HILL?! - ishmargames.com

10-Year-Old Blaze World’s FASTEST Football Prodigy 🔥 | Next TYREEK HILL?!

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No Days Off legend Blaze Ingram is BACK and Chiefs star Tyreek Hill wants to race him! Watch Blaze dominate drills from the NFL combine and prove he’s got what it takes!

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  1. Yo keep doing them box jumps until you can jump up on the pull up bar on your own

  2. It's not football, it's American football

  3. His daddy gives him a special "juice box"

  4. That means the camera man following him ran a 4.2 aswell, 😂😂

  5. Yo plz man I am 12 and 125 inches tall you think I can make it in the nfl plz man all
    My brothers say you well never become a nfl player so yea

  6. This kid is only 10 and he’s worried about making $ already?!! His daddy gonna take it all if he makes any

  7. If he doesn't burn out! Well bad statement pop warner is where it starts!

  8. First I'm seeing this kid…but, clearly, won't be the last.

  9. Keep this kid in check. He has a future and tons of obstacles and temptations to go through just getting to high school. Keep him humble and appreciative to this gift and talent.

  10. Do you know what happens to a kid when you develop their muscles at this young of an age? He's gonna grow up to be like 5'2 and play NAIA ball.

  11. brodie did not run a sub 5 💀💀💀

  12. This guy is so muchbetter then baby groin

  13. "Protect this Warrior at ALL COST…

    "And Slick dodge them 304's💣

    "CAUSE THEY ARE WATCHING… 🎥"Young Blood"👊👊👊

  14. My grandson is faster than you blaze he won fastest for 7 years

  15. Stunted development inevitable. So sad. Shame on parents!

  16. Way way to hard on a kids body. It screws up their physical development long term

  17. Good lad, you gonna make yourself, and your parents so proud,keep grinding kid,best wishes from your UK admirers 😊.

  18. Ese Niño nació bendito por nacer en EEUU, y no en Africa o Sud. Donde tendría otro futuro por correr rápido

  19. Blaze you gonna beat Tyreek Hill and Saquon Barkley and Jaylen waddle and Travis Kelce and Mecole Harmon LA 40 are dashes

  20. I love how they showed him getting a 4.23 40 yard dash but when you time it its a 5.1 Rofl False time there little guy.

  21. Blaze to my New Orleans Saints says ya unca Rome

  22. What has that kids parents done to that poor child?

  23. Bro this kid just ran a faster 40 than Tyreek and got 4.21 which would be a nfl record

  24. The kid is badass, but he's not running a 4.2 at that age, trust!!

  25. I am the fastest kid in the world 🌍 I did 80 meters in 5:17

  26. I could beat you in a 1v1 football but you have to come to Tennessee

  27. I now your fast but I bet I can beat you in a race bet all the money I got 35k winner take all bet that now jit

  28. 😅 For those wondering if it's the Kid's Choice or his father's. It appears that the feeling is mutual

  29. This kid’s dad just wants people
    To think he is the best

  30. What are the glasses that u wore called?

  31. Not to be mean but not one pull up was done.

  32. Kid has a lot of talent but that doesn’t mean he’s going to have a perfect life that takes him down that path. Course he’s going to get notoriety because he’s so small but so strong and he’s been “trained” from a young age. Wait till he’s a grown adult and see what choices he will make. Nothing wrong with encouraging your kids down a path they excel in, it’s just not a given that chasing your dreams will result in living the dream.

  33. Is Blaze beating Tyreek Hill in a race? 👀

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