100-YARD INTERCEPTION RETURN! | On-Season Football Series | Game 1 - ishmargames.com

100-YARD INTERCEPTION RETURN! | On-Season Football Series | Game 1

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The Dodgerfilms softball crew plays football once again!

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  2. andy hit that one hand 100 yard interception

  3. Can you keep doing football

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  6. I love football team Benny they have to step their game up

  7. When Andy intercepted it and his hat fell off with the GoPro then the replay on it looked like he did a back flip

  8. As a huge team Benny fan. When the score was 22 – 0 I didn’t think we had a chance in hell. But some how we did.

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  12. If I wanted to play with you guys how would I

  13. That was good

    He made an interception Spidey he was good

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