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100-YARD INTERCEPTION RETURN! | On-Season Football Series | Game 1

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The Dodgerfilms softball crew plays football once again!

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  1. whoever had benny at starting QB was clearly a moron

  2. I intercepted the ball in my game and was the same thing and I made in touch and Andy

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  4. Fernando’s X factor ability is bazooka

  5. My son plays for the Miami ibis a loves your vids and wishes he can be in it. He plays takle so don't need to go easy on him.

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  7. Is y’all in st.pete cause I want to play and I played football for 3 years played kick ball for 1 year

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  9. Did any body notice that Andy threw like 6 picks

  10. Legends watch it in 2021😂😂😂😂😂

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