#11 Utah vs #4 USC Highlights | Pac 12 Championship | 2022 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#11 Utah vs #4 USC Highlights | Pac 12 Championship | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Utah vs USC Highlights (USC vs Utah) | 2022 Pac 12 Football Championship Game. Utah and USC played in the 2022 Pac 12 Football Championship Game.

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  1. It's always satisfying seeing those Californicated soy boys get bought back down to earth.

  2. For all you slack jawed USC fans I have been telling you they were not any good all year long. Told you so. I hope this hurts.

  3. Lol. Alabama somehow gonna get in the playoff.

  4. Who is #7 on defense for USC? That dude was absolute trash on every tackle in the 4th quarter lol. 3 different tds were him missing tackles

  5. My God, I have never seen such bad tackling. USC and OSU soft as baby shit.

  6. U$C basically lost the Pac 12 South. Twice….(thrice if you consider the misleaders running the Pac 12 !-)

  7. Did someone not teach USC how to tackle?

  8. No Christmas bonus this year for USC players 😟

  9. LOVE seeing USC get throttled – nothing personal to them – but LOVE seeing the top teams lose – good on Utah…. the second and third effort that their kids were giving and not giving up on plays, along with the bad tackling on USC contributed to this ending the way it did.

  10. Bro #7 for USC got bodied all game 3 missed tackles that lead to TD’s 😂😂

  11. Tip of the cap to them Utes. They played my buckeyes incredibly tough last year.

    That’s a good team that always play with their hair on fire. They may not have the talent, but they always up their play.

  12. Great physical football game

  13. Does USC coach tackling in practice? I think I might already know the answer.

  14. Karma for the snake Riley. Not only not making the playoffs, but losing the Championship game. Could not happen to a nicer guy LOL.

  15. What was scarier than the quarterback Rising taking that hit, was how quickly he bounced up and grabbed his helmet.
    It was total domination after that.

  16. Damn! They humiliated USC. I feel embarrased for them. Tackling was horrendous

  17. I guess they forgot Utah had something to play for too, back 2 back conference champs

  18. I couldn't help but think that I was watching two future NFL quarterbacks.

  19. Poor #7, they cooked him a couple times in this vid

  20. The USC QB wrote "Fuck Utah" on his nails and everyone was saying we were just his speedbump before getting into the playoffs. Our Ute boys played their hearts out and played with class ❤️ what a game! Go Utes!!! 🙌

  21. That’s what happenes When you try to buy your team. I hope you never win another game, Southern Cal, stinking Lincoln Riley. You get what you deserve! Lol see you later Fairweather fans

  22. I'm a big time USC football fan, but it should be clear that their defense lacks talent and toughness. The offense is top notch, but isn't physical enough in the trenches. Utah is not a top 5 team, but they are physical and can play with the best. USC was exposed, but should be a force to reckon with next year!

  23. USC couldn't tackle. You have to be more than a running QB to win a national title. You have to be able to play defense.

  24. use has a bad offense line- they rushing 3-7 they did nothing to stop it. Utah when doubles when it happened.. they where not ready for the pressure.

  25. Yeah yall wish yall were packing 12………..lol

  26. Besides Tuscaloosa and Columbus, this Trojans defeat was even more gratifying to the city of Norman.

  27. Man it should be Georgia Michigan Alabama and Tennessee in the top 4 based on schedule

  28. I hate to tell USC fans but these are the best defensive players you're going to have with Lincoln Riley as your head coach

  29. Just an idea, but has USC considered playing a bit of defense? Whoever their defensive coordinator is, if the man has any sense of honor and decency, he should refuse payment this year. Also, the Utah defense was kind enough to give Williams huge numbers of giant yard plays to completely uncovered receivers. What a way to pad a Heisman resume …

  30. the one announcer must be a USC fan has he has been coping hard.

  31. Nick is RIGHT! Alabama REALLY deserves to get into to a bowl after the year they just had! Like the "Pinstripe Bowl" or the "Duke's Mayo Bowl"! They "EARNED" their way into one of those "lower tier" bowls. It's not what they are used to but, way to go Nick- you convinced me today!

  32. OU fans said Lincoln Riley is no good when it comes to big games an showed in this game he looks like a deer in head lights

  33. USC’s number 7 missed every tackle he tried to make I’m sure of it 😂

  34. Alex Grinch is garbage terrible defense coordinator poor tackling no adjustments an if your QB is hurt why leave him in the game

  35. The explosive USC offense became explosive diarrhea in the second half. Caleb also fumbled the Heisman trophy away 🏆

  36. mad props to utah for coming back from such a beat down early on

  37. shoot maybe utah should be considered along with osu for top 4 in the playoff ranking

  38. Bruhhh that lateral before half! 44 look like he never played football & tossed it before. Like it was foreign to him🥴

  39. It’s hard to pick out just one missed tackle, but I’d say 15:03 was the funniest one! Haha!

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