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12U & 14U 2017 Championship Games, CBS

National Youth Football Championship
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12U & 14U Championship Games


  1. Ik damn well these aren’t the best 14 u teams lmao

  2. Quarantine got me watching youth table football

  3. Hawaii quarterback is all ready a d1 prospect 😂💯

  4. How they fuck are kids aloud to play this

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  6. This is how many times they ran the ball

  7. Bro I am from Georgia and these kids are soft they picked the worst kids from georgia

  8. Is it just me or I thought Hawaii was the white team and Georgia was the black and blue team

  9. The finicky selection consquentially dress because paul individually identify barring a sedate click. faded, used dipstick

  10. My guys are putting there there left hands on there chest in The National Anthom

  11. Okay so not even ten minutes in, when hawaii fumbled, georgia recovered it. YET….. He said that Hawaii recovered it.💩💩😹😹

  12. My 10u team San Antonio would’ve dawged both of these 12u teams no doubt

  13. Y is this's more interesting than some nfl games

  14. If this is champion youth football I'm going all American

  15. That’s the stadium ima play in for my championship on Sunday

  16. Bro that 14u game…run…run…run…run..ru..you get what I’m saying…

  17. so we gunna skip the fact that number 31 on the back team got a 8 onhis helment

  18. ngl it’s pretty sad how small the 14yrs are💀

  19. there is too many stops in American football

  20. Why is Hawaii’s coaches wearing anal beads as a necklaces

  21. number 50 dt for creek red nation was so quick to get off the ground even with a 4 point stance

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