#13 Arkansas vs #17 Ole Miss Highlights (AMAZING GAME!) | Week 6 | 2021 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#13 Arkansas vs #17 Ole Miss Highlights (AMAZING GAME!) | Week 6 | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Ole Miss vs Arkansas Highlights (Arkansas vs Ole Miss) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Ole Miss and Arkansas played in Week 6 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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  1. Ole Miss with a 3 man pass rush? Not a good idea.

  2. Why did they go for the 2?? Absolutely unnecessary when they aren’t at Home, would’ve been amazing if they got it though

  3. Kun Nicky said Arkansas got the best coach in ncaa 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Ole Miss must have thought that Jefferson was Kordell Stewart because they we're trying to hit him with almost no pass rush and daring him to beat then with his arm and he made them pay over and over. Arkansas has some good receivers

  5. Theres a thing called OT, they could have gone to it if they had just taken the PAT

  6. Either Ole Miss has a terrible defensive line or Arkansas has the best O line in college football

  7. Most edits have 12 min……not this classic

  8. Arkansas had better figure out this week out to stop the stack formation, because Auburn is going to use the shit out of it after reviewing this game.

  9. Great game! Arkansas gave too many plays away though. First half they driving deep and fumble. Miss the FG. Even driving at end of first half but ran out of time.

    Arkansas also dropped probably three interceptions right in their hands. Got to make these plays in SEC games!

    No Defense on either team but the obvious hold at 12:25 by the Ole Miss WR was pathetic. Especially when they called a phantom hold on Ark next possession to bring back a play.

    Commentators even complimented Ole Miss WRs for great blocking on that run!!🤣🤣

    Crazy game. Neutral field Ark and probably beats Ole Miss 7/10 times. Bit SEC away games are insane sometimes. Especially this rivalry.

  10. Also there were some very bad calls in the game like all those times Arkansas line holding but they never called them

  11. It was that last flag for me 😳😂😂

  12. I wish they showed how many times OleMiss faked injuries to slow the game down…. It was pathetic

  13. Listen bro college football is back in a big way it just wasn't right without the fans

  14. It blows my mind to how in the world these defensive coordinator not only have a job, but they're actually paid a lot of money for what we've all just witnessed on both these teams so-called defense, if one could actually call either teams defence a defense!! Just saying!

  15. Should of kicked the xp dumb decision by arkansas coach both teams get the ball in ot

  16. Lol look 👀 it’s a 2010 Big12 game all offense no defense.. the SEC is hilarious to watch

  17. Best game of the year so far…Incredible! A heavyweight fight!

  18. No…. DEFENSE!!! 🥴🤷🏾‍♂️

  19. Dope. All these bloody games look the same. Same players, same format
    Same everything
    Nothing amazing about any of it
    Culture of sameness and football is another bloody victim. Every player is formed the same way, starting in pee wee. Who are you kidfing?.

  20. I keep thinking that Miss can't count on a strategy of winning by bigass gash plays, but here stands all the evidence. College football, y'all.

  21. How about those sec defenses? Oh wait. This looked like a big 12 game

  22. Ole Miss Arkansas games are always crazy.

  23. Great game by both teams. But the Arkansas coach should have gone for the extra point and overtime. Your guys were good enough to score but you were saying you had no confidence in your defense. Bad move.

  24. Tennessee is about to destroy ole miss this week

  25. The exact opposite of a Big Ten, all defensive game. Very entertaining but annoying at the same time. Haha

  26. After watching all of the "injuries" by ole puss… they show why people call them ole puss lol

  27. It's ridiculous for Arkansas not to kick the extra point to go to overtime…

  28. This was one of the best days of college football. The OU vs. Texas game, this game, Penn State vs. Iowa, Nebraska vs. Michigan, Alabama vs A&M. It is beautiful.

  29. Matt Coal is entertaining to watch. This man deserves the heisman.

  30. Cameron Little (Arkansas Kicker) is my friends little brother. He’s insane

  31. Damn it, we should've won this for KJ, he played his heart out.

  32. Why tf they showing a picture of a white dude as the QB and in game he’s black with dreads and tats😂 wtf

  33. This is probably the greatest game i ever watched in person. Its even better when my Rebs won, but tbh I wouldn't care either way. It's just too good of a game to care.

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