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#13 Florida State vs Oklahoma Highlights | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Oklahoma vs Florida State Highlights (Florida State vs Oklahoma) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Florida State and Oklahoma played in the 2022 College Football Season.

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  1. Watching this game gave me some hope for a better next season as a Sooner fan, but the real underlying tone here is how much I respect Florida State University. Their fans truly deserved this win after a multi year rebuild. Their future is bright and I am happy their program ended on a high note after all they been through. FSU truly played with the heart of a champion. Respect 🫡

  2. wilson has potential to be a great WR.. walking mismatch.

  3. Number 60 standing around instead of getting set for a final play showed real lack of situational awareness. Probably wouldn't have mattered, but … be ready anyway, bud. If you're gonna be out there, be out there to play until the game is over.

  4. Is this a fsu channel or just college football, or sports in general..Go Noles 🍢

  5. O u has some of the most disgruntled fans glad we don’t play them much you lost get over yourselves

  6. Glad FSU played some defense on the last play of the game geee whizzzz


  8. In the second quarter OU should have been up by 28-3. Jeff Lebby's horrendous situational play calling and Savion Byrd's penalties destroyed the momentum. Destroyed it! It's so frustrating that this has happened over and over and over. Give credit to the Noles but if it's 28-3 FSU's not coming back to win.
    Watching OU has been a big challenge this season. Thank God it's over.

  9. Why are all the players husky male-identifiers with tight pants and disgustingly high testoterone levels? Where are the WOMEN and TRANS-GENDER players? These schools are not WOKE ! SHAME !!!

    And why keep score? There needn't be winners and LOSERS ! There must be EQUITY for all !

    The games must be about the JOY of running around and then embracing one another !

  10. I love these bowl game scorelines: 18-25, 25-32, 32-35 (that last figure finally looks familiar). Two point conversions make the games so much more entertaining.

  11. I thought the OU coach was a defense minded coach? Looked more like a basketball game to me.

  12. Damn Florida St. a 6-6 team almost beat you.

  13. Respect to OU. I knew this wouldn’t be easy and it wasn’t.

  14. When FSU beats Miami and UF and wins a bowl game, it's a great season.

  15. My question is how tf a 13 ranked team playing a 6-6 team? FSU probably chose the weaker opponent

  16. fsu fan. Nims looks like a beast, 2 amazing catches on the sideline

  17. That LSU/FSU game is going to be crazy next year. If we can cover our end, it should be two teams that went from losing records to 10 win seasons in one year turnarounds playing game one. We both should be ranked anywhere from 8-14.


  19. 6-7 Oklahoma CORNHUSKERS headed to the SEC !!!!

  20. OU had no business playing in this game, just like they have no business joining the SEC.

  21. 12:04 can I note the beautiful tackle to keep the defender off the receiver getting the ball?

  22. I mean for both starting tackles to opt out and lose over some questionable calls and one bone head fumble. Fuck it, 6-6 but still beats FSU 8-10 times when all players are opted in. Easy

  23. Another game we shouldn't have lost
    But we did

  24. Good game both schools and hopefully both have a great 2023 season

  25. Thank you for the 1080p60 upload! You > ESPN

  26. Robert here, 9-3 vs 6-6 ? This isn't a true bowl game!!!!

  27. This "line to gain".. it is the 1st down marker. Stop trying to change football language.Your new found calling sounds like you are calling a made sport.

  28. The defense just never came through for us this season. That was the fifth game left in their hands that we lost by 3 points.

  29. Congrats 'Noles you finally got us..now we can restart rivalry

  30. How was it 10 to 3 In the first quarter but 7 to 3 in the second quarter?

  31. Great 👍 Excellent, Sooners Bummers , Go Oklahoma,

  32. Broklahoma better get used to the Cheez It Bowl once they start getting pounded by the SEC

  33. The always act like injured against ou ever time we do something good

  34. Wheels your videos are amazing and your getting more attention than ESPN college football 💯 keep up the hard wkrk

  35. Bro was injured on the last play, should have stayed down!!!

  36. I often see the favorite team struggle at first, but they often pull it out in the forth quarter when quality really counts! Fun game to watch and I'm always glad when they include some slow-mo's in these highlight-videos.

  37. Never seen so many players wear the #0 these days, probably my last choice, who would want to be a 0 on the field? 😆

  38. Both offensive coordinators read the defenses and put the offense in the best positions. Both O-Lines dominated and executed the game plan. Great game.

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