14 years can change your life 👊❤️ #football #footbot #soccer #goalkeeper #beforeandafter - ishmargames.com

14 years can change your life 👊❤️ #football #footbot #soccer #goalkeeper #beforeandafter

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  1. That damn goofy aah face aint gonna help you my guy💀

  2. Мужик сделал тоже самое,что и школьник просто более агрессивно 🫤

  3. Someone needs to do “you ladies alright?” Edit

  4. I am better then the 14 year old and I am 11 and a girl

  5. Yes I love his t-shirt is HI HO Aston villa!

  6. 14살 28살 보다 못하네라고 생각하지만 아직 14살 중학교1학년 인걸 생각하면 28 살보다 절하는거임

  7. Bro loves himself so much lmao it’s actually embarrassing

  8. That 28 year olds ego is going to hold him back. 14 year old will surpass him in no time

  9. The difference is that the 28 year old uses more of his body and his body weight to get power behind the ball

  10. Сука ты мне так говоришь что я тебя очень люблю

  11. He did literally nothing different or better. All he did was make dramatic movements and go faster?- hes so self absorbed he can’t admit the kid is good too 😐

  12. if u ever feel dumb remember how this guy met himself in the future

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