14 years can change your life 👊❤️ #football #footbot #soccer #goalkeeper #beforeandafter - ishmargames.com

14 years can change your life 👊❤️ #football #footbot #soccer #goalkeeper #beforeandafter

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  1. Get a team of those 14 years and they could dominate the female soccer league

  2. I still dont understand why these guys dont play in a team of real football😅

  3. Clearly, we can agree that the kid is better. First bc, he's younger, so he has less experience, and cuz he's not cocky. The guy js did it faster, that's all.

  4. Man felt so hard shoulder barging that 14 year old 😅

  5. Bro loves giving expression 😂😂😂

  6. Now do the same thing under intense pressure

  7. Y’all are fake ice saw a green screen they make it like a green screen and then they make it through the whole they’re actually not good

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