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2 1920s football games (Yankee Stadium, Army-Navy Polo Grounds)

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From my grandparent’s home movies. This appears to be at least two early football games in the 1920s; the first played at Yankee Stadium and the second, an Army-Navy game played at the Polo Grounds, both in NYC. The transition takes place about the 45 second point.

From tubage07:
The football game at Yankee Stadium is: 11/12/1927 Army 18 – Notre Dame 0 80,000 attendance

From lollar:
The Polo Grounds footage was taken no earlier than 1924. You can see a shot of the CenterField clubhouse and grandstand, which was added in ’23-’24….these were proly taken between 24-27.”


According to Wikipedia, Army-Navy games were played at the Polo grounds in 1913, 1915, 1916, 1919-21, 1923, 1925 and 1927 so I would think it was one (or more) of those years.

You’ll see some football, the crowds, marching bands at half-time, the Army mule and the Navy mascot, a goat, and cheerleaders. The sign you see at :21 says “Please remain seated until the cadets march off, when game is over.”

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  1. Amazing footage. Army Navy football game. Still a Yankee Stadium tradition even today.

  2. Anyone have any fucking idea what was going on in this video?

  3. OK. I'll hold off on setting it in stone…

    Thanks all!

  4. Frojinator is right. Two games. First, Yankee Stadium (goalpost on first base), then Polo Grounds (goalpost on home plate). See andrewclem dot com, baseball.

  5. It's both, it starts out showing Yankee Stadium, very very old yankee stadium, as in pre-1937, and then at 0:45, it switches to the polo grounds.

  6. this is great i am from ireland i love photos of old sports games, by the way when did the ymove the posts to the back of the touchdown area. because in rugby they have them at the front and i know they had them there too before

  7. they moved them in 1974 for a couple reasons. first bcuz of safety reasons (it seems kind of dumb tho bcuz its supposed to be a dangerous sport), second bcuz teams would kick field goals all the time and ppl wanted to see more touchdowns. Basically the whole sport of football went down the drain when public interest grew. Its supposed to be about the players but now football serves the needs of the fans first it seems. Canadian football still has them at the goal line tho still. hope this helps!

  8. thank you for that because i have american friends here and they couldn't tell me at all. one guy siad 1927. but 1974 wow. i saw a thing about miami being the onyl team to ever win it 100% fantastic. we;ve a team here in ireland Shannon RFc who won the all-ireland rugby league 3 years in a row and 1 of teh seasons 100% and lost 2 games in the thre if i said it correctly to do it in those both games is and achievment

  9. oh wow it actually is the Polo Grounds in Manhattan. You can easily make out the baseball field – they didn't even cover the infield. What year is this?

  10. Football teams playing in baseball stadiums is coming back. There are a number of games scheduled at the new Yankee Stadium, and there is talk about a college game at Wrigley Field.

  11. Yankee Stadium is featured until the 0:45 mark. That footage was taken between 1923-1928. If you look down the left field line you will notice the upper deck doesn't expand around the corner into the outfield. That edition wasn't added until the baseball offseason of 1927-'28. So it is likely pre-1927….

    The Polo Grounds footage was taken no earlier than 1924. You can see a shot of the CenterField clubhouse and grandstand, which was added in '23-'24….these were proly taken between 24-27

  12. wow, i didnt know that even in the 20's that college football could get a full capacity crowd like that. thats incredible!

  13. @njdx1 its a home video taken from the 1920's, cameras back then didnt have the ability to record voice, as you can see, the videos are taken from in the crowd, and the fact that he could even convert this to be able to be put on youtube is amazing as it is.

  14. This is some serious rare footage. Any idea what those great seats cost back then? Thanks for sharing.

  15. Good question. I captured this (in the late 1990s/early 2000s) from a VHS that the film had been transferred to (in the 1980s). My capture setup was low resolution and may have changed the frame rate as well. I don't use it anymore so I can't tell. The films are long gone. And it's possible YouTube changed the frame rate from what I gave it too. Overall though I think most of my grandparents' footage looks pretty good in terms of motion. We'd need a real techie to figure this out…

  16. All I can add would be whatever the frame rate of a movie camera was back in those days. From the info about the games it wouldn't be before 1924 and the other game was 11/12/27. So, whatever the consumer cameras were in those days, plus whatever happened when it was transferred to VHS. Sorry I can't be more help. I bet there's a tech wizard out there who can help though you[re doing pretty well!

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