#2 LSU vs #3 Alabama Highlights | Week 11 | College Football 2019 - ishmargames.com

#2 LSU vs #3 Alabama Highlights | Week 11 | College Football 2019

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2019 College Football Week 11 #2 LSU vs #3 Alabama Highlights

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  1. Chase smoked Diggs all night. Between that and Tua's ridiculous fumble, there is your game.

  2. I truly believe if Tua was 100% we probably would’ve been in this game. That first play hurt us.

  3. worst tackling ive ever seen from a bama team

  4. Its sad knowing that ruggs had so much talent and its now wasted

  5. the crazy offensive talent on the field that day… wow

  6. The amount of future NFL Hall of Famers on the field at one moment is INSANE!

  7. SEC….It just means more!!!! Geaux Tigers

  8. 6:02 If you go out of bounce (unforced), then come back inbounds, and are the 1st to touch the ball, isn't that a penalty tho?

  9. Bro lol Bama had 11 first rounders, 4 pro bowlers and lsu had 7 first rounders and 3 pro bowlers and literally more than 20 NFL starters between the 2 teams

  10. Clyde Edwards-Helaire's spin out for the TD was incredible. When you see that kind of stuff you know they going to the next level. Notice the defenders have a hard time bringing him to the ground. Dude got legs like bricks.

  11. 1st rounders on field: Tua devonta smith ruggs juedy waddle Najee burrow edwards helaire jamar Jefferson Patrick queen stingley and surtain . Delphit second rounder and Marshall second rounder Trevon diggs. You’ll never see that much skill position talent on a college field ever again

  12. this game shows me two things.

    1. Stingley is overrated
    2. the league has so much young talent.

  13. This LSU team is the BEST college football team all time.

  14. Landon Dickerson head hunted that LSU defender before half to injure him, and somehow wasn't ejected. LSU got their starter injured on that play for the rest of the game and Bama still never had the ball with a chance to take the lead since the 2nd quarter. Just shows how dominant Burrow, Chase, Jefferson were. Funny how Ruggs and Juedy were both picked above Jefferson, but teams fixed that screwup next year by drafting Chase above Smith and got it right.

  15. Chase jj n ceh lol damn wat a team lsu had

  16. Ruggs ,smith ,jeudy,waddle ,tua ,najee ,burrow,chase ,jefferson,ceh ,marshall ,n two great olines with nfl defence lol holy fuck this is like a nfl pro bowl lol

  17. watching this game back and realizing all the nfl players that played in this game is insane

  18. There is no excuse for bama that receiving core is to deadly Henry rugs, Jerry Judy, Devante Smith, Jaylen waddle, along with Najee Harris on the run game, like think about that that is nasty.

  19. No surprise trevon can’t make a tackle to save his life

  20. Surtain and Diggs vs Chase and Jefferson sheesh

  21. Damn Bama had so many mistakes now look back at it.

  22. Smith was givin stingley straight business 😂

  23. It’s gravy how many of these players are in the nfl now

  24. Edwards-Helaire has gotta be the MVP of this game. Unreal performance

  25. Literally nothing but offense no defense whatsoever whoever got the ball was going to score but it was a really good game though

  26. People deadass still say that the next year Alabama team was better than this one 😂

  27. Its crazy looking at the talent in this game just 3 years later This wis literally and NFL game played at the college level… Joe Burrow, Jamar Chase, Justin Jefferson, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Terrace Marshall, Derek Stingley, Patrick Queen, Kristian Fulton vs. Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones, Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Najee Harris, Trevon Diggs,Xavier McKinney, Evan Neal, Raekwon Davis… Greatest game ever maybe.

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  29. What's overlooked in this game is Cade York making all those clutch field goals. LSU doesn't win without him, either. All the best to him in the NFL.

  30. I was watching the highlights, like I didn't know what was going to happen. Great game

  31. had to come back to this game that lsu team was just too damn talented even tho they cheated my gators this this was a hell of a team

  32. LSU & ALABAMA had so much talented that year it was insane lol. LSU was hungry for that W 💯💯

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  34. I’ll still never understand how Tua dropped that ball on the first possession. Who knows what happens if they even at least just get a field goal there

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  36. Joe Burrow faster definitely 3rd allstate 3 &4 Point man he got his point and his name on there 34 Night of his the ball came next to Joe Burrow

  37. arguably the best two CFB teams of all time

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