#2 Michigan vs #13 Iowa Highlights | Big 10 Championship Game | 2021 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#2 Michigan vs #13 Iowa Highlights | Big 10 Championship Game | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Michigan vs Iowa Highlights (Iowa vs Michigan) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Michigan and Iowa played in the 2021 Big 10 Championship Game.

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  1. Lolwa, what a pos, pathetic, overrated, joke of a team.

  2. How is there holding on the defense on a running play the guy was getting double teamed I’ve never seen that

  3. Michigan over 1980 Bulldogs baby. GA, maybe in another 40 years

  4. I was born in Ohio but I didn't go to OSU but always supported the Buckeyes. Fox carried a lot of Michigan games this year so I watched them and could see them practicing their run game over and over and over for the Ohio State game because that is the way to win, control the clock and keep them off the field.

  5. Congratulations Michigan! It felt weird but I actually cheered for you guys. Go Buckeyes!

  6. Damn good game all MICHIGAN so keep going to #1 wolverine's

  7. Worst game ever seen but I new here were gonna lose

  8. Still. Really close game qt least cant route for iowa now

  9. I hope Michigan Tight End Schoonmaker does not know what his last name really means hehe…

  10. As a loyal ohio state fan, I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling a lil on the chipper side for the team up north. Wouldn't mind seeing some more "role tears", especially from a Big 10 team.

  11. I'm Irish, have followed the NFL for about three years now and really didn't start following a college football team until this year. I still really don't know shit about the players or the general college football system (I'm working on improving my knowledge) but it was still incredible to see this and the ohio state game. Because of my lack of knowledge I thought michigan didn't have a chance after losing to michigan state lol

  12. Michigan’s O-line dominance is incredible. Not saying the best ever but I’ve never noticed it so much in a college team. Holy crap

  13. So Edwards went to high school near where my dad works, nice knowing how valuable and close to me he is!〽️〽️〽️〽️💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛

  14. Long time Michigan fan here. kudos to the classy osu and other BIG TEN fans. We may not be "friendly" on game day. But in the end, we are the BIG TEN. Good luck in your bowl games, and of course GO BLUE!

  15. Against Spider-Man and oh we guess and Purdue


  17. lowa has no chance against Michigan but im still a buckeyes fan

  18. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine, it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine! I absolutely love our Maize and Blue 💛💙

  19. Such a great season so far, can't wait for the playoffs. On a side note, McCarthy blowing past Corum like he was standing still to block for him was hilarious.

  20. I'm a LSU fan and also a sec fan so I'll be rooting for Georgia…BUT I think this Michigan team one of them TEAMS if you understand!

  21. @wheels do you have email I have a few important private questions.

  22. Harbaugh deserves coach of the year. In only one year, they went from a 2-4 team to a 12-1 team, won the big ten championships, and made the playoffs. That's absolutely insane!

  23. Just like always the Iowa coach win just enough to not get fired. . Then gets is butt kick because of no offense and no Q B . He’ll need to win one more to make his little boy the new head coach.

  24. Congrats Michigan but I'm afraid the Championship is going to Bama. They're just on another level.

  25. kirk ferentz is a bum. only in white bread iowa does this man still have a job despite being outcoached for the last 20 years, highest paid person in all of iowa. enjoy your white bread mediocrity.

  26. On that Corum TD, McCarthy blocked 2 guys at once.

  27. Schoonermaker is going to be an elite NFL tight end one day …Dude got hands …Helluva catch

  28. The west is so weak. They were gonna beat any of those contenders. Iowa. Minnesota. Wisconsin would've certainly played better than lame ass Iowa, but would've lost too in the end.

  29. Larry Masters: Power Building & Conjugate Training says:

    Striking gold all day! Time to get after some Georgia Bulldogs next! Go Blue!

  30. Did anyone else notice, the Gatorade was maize and blue. GO BLUE!!!

  31. Dude Haskins effort at 9:30 was definitely under appreciated lol

  32. Josh Ross is a liability against Brock Bowers and UGA😐

  33. I'm an Alabama fan but I'm very happy for Michigan and to see them get things turned around up there. Been a long time since Michigan was in National Title contention and it's good for College Football to see them back in the mix.

  34. i would like to forget this game lol. good thing the steelers beat the other harbaugh lol

  35. They should break out the checkbook to have Gus Johnson the new voice of Michigan football.

  36. Been watching the Ohio State and Iowa State victories every day since Michigan beat them. I LOVE IT!!

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