#2 Ohio State v #5 Michigan Highlights | College Football Week 13 | 2021 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#2 Ohio State v #5 Michigan Highlights | College Football Week 13 | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Michigan vs Ohio State Highlights (Ohio State vs Michigan) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Michigan and Ohio State played in Week 13 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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  1. its 2022 and i can still taste the salt from the tears

  2. For those Ohio state fans saying GG and good game to Michigan remember who this team is. Sorry not sorry michigan

  3. I haven’t been this happy in awhile watching these highlights is the best

  4. Watching Michigan for 40 years and imo Haskins' performance in this game was Top 3 in Michigan history. The O Line was fire and Haskins running people over was something to behold. These boys wanted it and it showed. The Bucks played a fantastic game. Good God those 3 receivers are just insane. Some of those catches just blew my mind. Hopefully more games like this in the rivalry's future. The blow out games are lame to watch. Love the old school gritty games. Fuck, even the weather was perfect lol.

  5. LET'S GO BLUE say goodby to the weiners the boockeyes

  6. No one could simply stop Haskins that day… NO ONE

  7. This game and the iron bowl were phenomenal

  8. This is the one game I have always watched the most more so than any other game every year

  9. Look at the way OSU defense bitched to the refs when they got called for blatant psi. Soft.

  10. It’s August 2nd and Hassan Haskins just scored again!

  11. Still can’t believe it, as soon as you got on campus you could feel it, that stadium was rocking.

  12. I'm a huge Ohio state fan but had to come back 9 months later this game is just that good. Respect to Michigan. They played football. There's no rivalry if only one team wins. And most importantly a punch in the face to the SEC .. the big10 deserves the primetime too‼️‼️

  13. This would have been a complete bitch-slap if Ohio State's receivers weren't superhuman.

  14. Is Mike Hart still the RB coach.. Haskins did work 🐴🤣🏈🔥

  15. man that ohio state defense let us down. but what an amazing game!

  16. Ohio State number 2 Michigan is at number 8 Huh karma is a Bitch right. Michigan sucks we all know that. Michigan are nothing but a dust just like there faces 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Ohio state is going turn Michigan into dust this year.

  17. The Michigan TD that gave them 21 was a thing of beauty…old school running right behind your blockers. Go Dawgs!

  18. This Is What Happens, When You Fight Back Against A Bully Who's Been Beating You Year After Year, You Fight Back & Win.

  19. This game was epic let’s run it back 💙💛〽️ go bluee

  20. My father passed away before this game, huge Michigan fan and before he passed he was getting impatient with the Wolverines, to see Michigan win this game and the way that they did, it honestly made my year

  21. Still amazed at the no holding call on fourth down last play of the game against Ojabo. The worst no call you may ever see. Guess the refs just wanted the game over lol.

  22. Congrats, it appears you earned it. However, it might just be that THE Ohio State Buckeyes let you win one only to keep your coach around for a while longer. 😁

  23. That Ohio defense was getting shredded by that run game all night, Jesus. I didn’t think Michigan would’ve been able to keep winning this game j by running constantly but Ohio rlly had no answer for them

  24. 26 on Ohio state is the sole reason of Ohio state’s loss. All he did was give Michigan more of a reason to win.

  25. Game of the year. Nothing better than a late rivalry game in the season with this much history and weather! That’s why Army vs Navy is my favorite game of the year. This one, though, was amazing!

  26. Tidings from an Alabama fan (congratulations to Georgia on the victory at the National Championship. That was a fascinating game to attend). This was possibly the greatest contest to have occurred all season, random upsets notwithstanding, and I had been hopeful that Michigan would triumph, and I was not disappointed by the score. Congratulations on the victory, Michigan, and Roll Tide.

    Additionally, I am aware this is extremely outdated. I merely wished to state this.

  27. Crazy how cold it was at this game. Idk how players are able to play like this in such cold temperatures

  28. On this day everyone on the planet outside of Ohio was a Michigan fan

  29. Awesome game 2 biggest rivalries in cfb: Michigan vs Ohio State, Alabama vs Auburn aka the iron bowl

  30. I love how the Ohio State guy really thinks he can go against three offensive lineman that are 15 times bigger than him also yes my Michigan player might’ve grabbed his leg but taking off the helmet this is why ohio State players are dirty and their fans. Go blue all day screw Ohio State

  31. Not particularly a fan of either team. I just watch them play because I have nowhere else to be.

  32. I was so glad Kirk herbstreit wasn’t commentating this game. Though I wish he had cause his bias would have been exposed bad

  33. Almost a year later who is still watching in 2022

  34. This game never gets old 💪🏽〽️I'll remember this day forever. My son was born the first day of the 2021 season so I knew it would special. After 20 years of misery being a uofm and Lions fan that day meant EVERYTHING. Only thing to top it would be Lions winning a playoff game. If they won the superbowl I'd have a heart attack. Go Blue! Michagan vs Everybody 〽️💪🏽

  35. I hope them boys can do it again this year.

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