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2017 FBU All-American Game : MOST TALENTED 8th grade football players!!!

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The 2017 FBU All-American Game has assembled the MOST TALENTED 8th grade football players for one game. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV


  1. Some of these kids are way too flashy during and after plays. I mean look at the stands maybe 90-120 people tops there. You maybe an 8th grade "All American" but your not that big of a deal.

  2. our middle school was better than that team

  3. This definitely makes me want to do better my freshman year of highschool

  4. naw some of them are talented 8th graders. their mixed with kids who can afford the high Fbu tab

  5. When I was in 8th grade I played at least three kids better than a majority of these kids. And my school is a division 3 school in Ohio. These kids are just a bunch of rich kids.

  6. #7 Ain't no running back what in the actual hell 😂😂

  7. fbu is over rated on the line they really have no talent they just found some big kids a played them

  8. Wearing the same colors? That would suck

  9. #1 and #2 and maybe #12 are pretty tough. And #7.

  10. they also have one for kids who aren't fucking meat heads.

  11. These kids are too cocky . They act like they're in the big league already and they're not . Tuck in those damn jerseys .

  12. If you play in this you have a really great chance of making NFL

  13. Learn your grades this don't look like 8th graders

  14. Isn't it bad enough that we have to suffer the lame pro celebrations? These kids need to understand that they are embarrassing themselves. Where's the leadership?

  15. this is why all american games are bullshit, they take the kids from top teams and from FBU but i can guarantee there’s better players in small leagues that just don’t get recognition

  16. My 8th grade sucked ass. I didn't play for 8th grade though, I'm playing next year and honestly ima have to carry as a wr. Some of our wrs got butter fingers.

  17. #2 does not look like a damn 8th grader neither do the majority of them.

  18. Lmao. The majority of them were supposed to be freshman or sophomores.

  19. unfortunately we can't afford good schools so…

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