2017 NFC Divisional Round FULL Game: New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings - ishmargames.com

2017 NFC Divisional Round FULL Game: New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings

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00:00 – Start

29:53 – 2nd Quarter

1:07:32 – 3rd Quarter

1:28:55 – 4th Quarter

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  6. Why would you even try and tackle like dat all he had to do is open his arms

  7. Jesus Christ came back to watch this and why is there so many damn ads bruh

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  10. Let’s Go Vikings!!! Skol! I actually did a speech on this game.

  11. 2:04:20 trust, I as a Vikings fan know very well that kicking with no time left on the clock isn’t exactly in our favor…
    But 3 passes in a row with the Saints having 1 Timeout.. you really coulda just ran 3 times in a row and they’d be left with 11 seconds and no timeouts with likely a 50 yard FG for the win.
    I’ll take that chance over anything else you could offer me with Brees on the other side when if you screw up like they did they’d have to keep them entirely out of field goal range…
    Plus there’s no saying you couldn’t even get more than 10 yards on those 3 run plays and get even closer than a 50 yard kick 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  13. All the dislikes of this video are saints fans🤣🤣🤣

  14. Williams had a huge pick and will always be remembered for that whiff


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  17. Those last 3 minutes of the game were absolutely insane

  18. Just to think that the Vikings almost became the new "28-3" because they started 17-0 and gave up a monster comeback that almost sent them packing.

  19. Who skipped to the final minutes of the 4th?

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  21. Lmaoo I remember I was at the gym, everyone in the gym was surrounded next to the tv and I said it's over, I went downstairs, next thing I know I hear screaming and one of my friends runs downstairs screaming lol missed one of the biggest moments in sports lmao

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  23. CLASSIC FOLES!!! He has those moments that make you believe he could be great. Then the next game happens.

  24. Once every decade. 2020 decade here we come.

  25. What a Great Game. I'll always know where I was and my reaction. Best thing to happen for VIKINGS in awhile.

  26. The Saints: Inserts JonTron wtf meme

  27. i don’t understand why not have 2 safety’s playing back to prevent this :/ they were at the like 30 yd line let them short pass just prevent the long pass

  28. Never get enough of watching it!
    Makes me smile Q time!

  29. New Orleans bugs me as much as the Raiders did. Their recent defeats serve them right after what they did to Kurt Warner and Brett Favre during the 2009 playoffs.

  30. I'm not a fan of either team, but I'm a fan of good football. And THIS was good football.

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  32. this is just anoter one of the times you should challenge a penalty. that was pass interfierence

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