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2022 Florida State Football Spring Game Highlights

Matthew Loves Ball
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2022 Florida State Football Spring Game Highlights
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  1. They took the scoreboard off before the end of the first quarter. LMAO

  2. I was wondering can u upload the Stanford football spring game I would greatly appreciate 😃

  3. Offense looks pretty good in my opinion. Although, the defense seemed like it was struggling to stop the throw game. 7-5? 8-4?

  4. Disappointed in this fanbase. No faith whatsoever. A lot of good shown here in this game! A lot to work on obviously, offense is behind the defense currently. Even Rodemaker looks a lot better. Jared Verse is that guy. Jared Verse just gives us so much help on the defense, created a lot of trouble for an offensive line that was limited today (Probably why the line didn’t look that good). Sam McCall took a lot of control, Mycah Pittman looked great, Trey Benson is a monster. Y’all are of little faith. I like an 8-9 win season. We’re gonna do great things people.

  5. qbs are mid asf rbs are nice pittman only good wr o-line did ok d looked good

  6. They gone be a run team first you can tell

  7. I'm dying over here reading about how trash y'all are 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. With realistic expectations I believe we’ll win 6-7 games with the current team we have

  9. dat rodamaker aint worth a box a rocks, they should have got rid of him last year. fsu is in trouble. i hate to say it but they sux. its awful , i know to say this about my team, but they do.hey norvell , your out, aint getting it done!!

  10. look i done look at other spring games by other top teams like bama and clemson and others. . we sux, plain and and simple. this norvell guy aint getting it done. we sux, its awful to see our program go down so far after jimbo fisher left, and btw, i cant stand jimbo fisher . glad he's gone. but wtf, this norvell talks a lot , but aint getting it done. we wont win 5 games this season by what i saw on the spring game. its awful. i mean WTF.

  11. The personal and formations aren't matching especially on defense. They better blitz a lot in the regular season. I know that isn't sam mccall @ 8:55.

  12. How can people say they suck after only a few weeks of practice, a quick whistle, no true starting 11, and most importantly 4 months before the season even starts? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. I think we all need to remember something, IT’S A SPRING GAME. There is no true starting 11 on both sides and the plays are called dead when someone gets near the QB. If there’s a CON, there were way too many dropped passes, but I have confidence that’ll be worked out. As for PROs, Jared Verse, Sam McCall, and the DBs will do good this year; and Trey Benson is making a case for RB1.

  14. Defense definitely seems more "conscious" (swarming the ball carrier more), but I'm still sensing some weakness in tackling. The o-line is still a bit suspect; Can't tell if they're better yet, or if the pass rushers are just good. Secondary is batting the ball down more.
    In summary- The previous years where we've been bad had very high scoring offenses during the spring game. Don't know if the team will be better or worse this year, but it'll be different for sure.

  15. 3:26 that’s different 🤔👀…haven’t seen burst like that since Dalvin

  16. Understand it's only spring ball, but this looks like last season. I watched most ACC teams this spring and saw great QB play. We can't win without great QB play, I see 5 or 6 wins if 7 that would be great.

  17. Need another QB, WR, OL, maybe TE in the portal. Defense might be good this year, offensive passing game will continue to be our weakness.

  18. Matthew Loves Ball, thanks so very for providing the condensed version of the highlights. The ACCN spent more time with highlighting interviews along the sidelines instead showing the plays on the field. Thanks so much!

  19. Where is JASHAUN CORBIN? (RB in 2021).

  20. It's a lot of trolls in the comments …watch how better the noles season be this year i see growth ❤💛💯

  21. Trash 🗑 4 or 5 wins for Noles this year 😂

  22. 90% or the fans keep saying it's just the spring game. I get that, I agree. but I watched the NC State spring game after this one and their QB looked really good. It's not impossible to look good in the spring game. Bottom line is the spring game is not the end all say all. But I see alot of cope within the fan base, it's easier to lie to themselves a little bit rather than face the truth. And the truth being that were probably looking at another 4-6 win season.

  23. No growth oline still trash.. I’ve been FSU fan my whole life and FSU has really lost themselves
    We hiring small time coaches to get small time players and will have few wins

  24. Well we don't have to worry about them "NOT" being physical, competitive, or discipline no more we know theyll play their a$$ off nowadays. That's worth 5 or 6 wins alone, the other 2 or 3 wins will show if they're more talented overall then the past 2 seasons. I believe by the time the season start and with week 1 being a tune up game, I'm confident most if not all the minor things in the spring game will get fixed. Spring games are meant to give the team a sense of the depth chart and to make sure they're still competing, comfortable, and confident. I say 8-5 maybe 9-4 because most importantly this coaching staff know its now or never. #Bowling4Sure

  25. I believe the format for the spring game played a huge part in the quarterbacks inconsistencies but if you think our quarterback play was bad go watch Clemson’s spring game.

  26. I just hope this year is better than last year.

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  28. JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! – John 14:6 With GOD all things are possible – Matthew 19:26 Remember that JESUS loves you and JESUS saves✝️🙏🙌 GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good😊 AMEN🙏 Have a BLESSED day😊 Please be careful with the music you listen to and the things you watch! Please be careful with your life and pray to GOD and ask HIM to protect you✝️🙏🙌😊 AMEN! 🙏

  29. Here is my assessment
    As a nole fan, I think at worse this team is 4-8 and at best 8-5
    I saw some good in this game, quarterbacks actually did look good, I think they were trying to not show so much with Jtrav but he made some solid throws and made some good plays with his feet. I was also pretty impressed by the backup Tate Rodemaker, he made some pretty good plays himself, and Duffy was impressive too.

    We ain't going far if our receivers are playing like that. I saw some great throws from the quarterbacks that receivers were dropping, our receiving core was dropping way too many passes, I do gotta say Mycah looked pretty good but we ain't going far unless we can get another receiver from the portal or our receivers are playing better by the start of next season.
    Running backs and offensive line on the other hand looked solid. Trey Benson Lawrence Toafili, and the freshman Rodney Hill all looked really good. We gonna have a 4 headed monster backfield with them and Jordan Travis in that backfield.
    Defense looked a lot better than I thought they would, considering the players they are losing they still looked extremely solid. Sam McCall is going to be a beast for FSU, Knowles and Dent looked a lot better this year, our defensive line is a lot younger but still made some plays against our veteran offensive line.
    Special teams looked, iffy, we can't have all those dropped snaps when the season starts, we are going to lose a lot of games if that happens in season. And that blocked kick was unacceptable, how can we expect to win games if our special teams has struggles blocking for their kicker. I know it only happened once but we need to improve.

    The way I see it is we got to lower our expectations guys, this team is going through a long rebuilding phase before we get any better, I am seeing improvement in some areas, but a lot of little things that could add up if not fixed by the fall. I have my trust in Norvell that he could get the job done but he has to start winning games next year or otherwise we are going to end up like Texas and constantly replacing coaches while not improving anything. If we don't get to a bowl this year than it's going to be a long time before we can get back up to speed.

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