#3 Alabama vs #1 Georgia Highlights | SEC Championship Game | 2021 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#3 Alabama vs #1 Georgia Highlights | SEC Championship Game | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Alabama vs Georgia Highlights (Georgia vs Alabama) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Alabama and Georgia played in the 2021 SEC Championship Game.

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  1. Bama's defense today looked like Georgia's in this game. Wtf happened?

  2. Dem Georgia boys gon get them some tonight I’ll tell ya that’ much😎

  3. Best throwing performance ive EVER seen an Alabama lead QB in a championship game.
    Bryce Young was absolutely legendary.

  4. Georgia may have lost the battle in Atlanta, but they won the war in Indianapolis

  5. Wonder if Alabama or Georgia could beat the Detroit Lions or Jacksonville

  6. Who’s here after watching Georgia’s great defense win the natty

  7. Another Gary Danielson stupidy comment (2:20) – A fade to the inside, and a lot of linebackers aren't use to covering that – t'Toa-Toa did not. Did not what??? I also looked up if something any thing like "t-Toa-Toa" was a nickname).

  8. Who went home with the big prize ?? Georgia lol

  9. Damn man I really just watched half these highlights thinking it was the Natty lmao fml

  10. Anyone here to make an edit about Georgia blowing past bama in the natti

  11. This was by far one of thee most boring National Championship games ever. Their 1st National Championship game was a freakin classic!! This game was snoresville. Still, very happy to see Georgia win it & Kirby Smart finally beat his mentor & at the biggest stage of CFB I might at.

  12. Georgia fans this is what happens without the injuries

  13. Who’s here after Georgia got their revenge in the National Championship game?

  14. Just coming back to see all the confidence of ‘Bama fans before their unstoppable team got crushed

  15. I'm just here after the national championship making myself feel good from the loss😭😭😭 WE WILL BE BACK I PROMISE YOU ROLL DAMN TIDE

  16. As a Bama fan I’m obviously disappointed in the loss but I’m happy for the Georgia team and fan base who has waited so long for this moment. Most of all I’m happy for Bennett. What a great underdog story. Kind of like a college version of Kurt Warner. He really is an inspiration. Hope to see you guys again next year. I’m sure it will be entertaining as always. Congratulations!

  17. Damn ALABAMA .. Georgia had NO answer for y’all 2 receivers.. NONE .. no doubt in my mind Bama was the the better team & they would have won with even ONE of their TOP 2 receivers but i guess just enough happened for Georgia to win tho .. LETS GO CATS!!!!!

  18. Troy Hills Alabama Trojans we in here

  19. bama can have the sec cuz the dawgs took the natty 😝

  20. UGA Won The GAME That Mattered !

  21. Georgia was fortunate they played an injury riddled team in the National Title game.

  22. Them bama fans aint coming back to this video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. 33-18! UGA National champs! Go dawgs! 🔴⚫️🐶🏈🏆

  24. looking at both games this past season,id say bama is still the better team…bama won a convincing match in the conf champ. and it took everything georgia had to beat them in the natty

  25. Alabama may have won the battle, but it was Georgia that won the war.

  26. This was hands-down the best SEC Championship game I have witnessed in the last 15 years!

  27. Ga Bulldogs beat them with a 1-star quarterback who wouldn't even started for Vanderbilt a month later no video of that game why.

  28. Alabama won the sec title but not the natty so it’s a fair trade off for Georgia

  29. Not gonna lie I was actually super nervous about this game

  30. I’m not a Bama fan and even though they didn’t beat UGA in the National Championship this was still a satisfying game.

  31. I think The Natty woulda had a different outcome of J Williams and Metchie wouldn’t have gotten hurt !

  32. Alabama at 80% vs Bama at 60% in the Natty!! Like it or not that's the truth!!!

  33. If metchie and Williams don't get hurt bama wins the rematch

  34. For all of the Alabama fans playing the excuse card and saying they were without Metchie and Williams, then that means Bryce Young sucks and is nothing without a good team around him

  35. From Scotland, county and I'm here to watch the Zeus Zamire White highlights remember when he was #1 ranked running back in the Nation and he has had two Torn Acls and still running hard.Las Vegas Raiders got a great running back he is a power back that can catch and has so much speed 40 time under 4.40.I've been a fan since 2014 happy for him.

  36. Georgia is so lucky that they faced a injury ridden bama team in the championship game….or it would have been the same result.

  37. Let me remind yall..this was on the number 1 defense by the way..the best we've seen in a long time

  38. when alabama scores more than 35 points it's over.

  39. People really think Georgia would've still won if Metchie and Williams played but like c'mon the film don't lie. Couldn't stop either one really

  40. This game is proof that a healthy Bama team would smoke GA. Georgia Fans can say excuses all they want to I don’t care. Jamo and Metchie shredded the Georgia secondary. Without them and two starting corners, I’d expect to lose to a good team like GA. However, GA fans don’t know how to act after winning one time against the tide. It’s obnoxious lol

  41. This guy didnt even matter..college football is wild. Georgia loses SEC championship but wins the more important National Championship

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