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#3 Alabama vs #6 Tennessee THRILLING Ending | 2022 College Football

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The college football game between Tennessee and Alabama had a thrilling ending as Tennessee hit the game winning field goal as time expired to take down Alabama for the first time since 2006.

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  1. About time Alabama is knocked off its perch. Gets a little boring seeing the same teams dominate the National Championship

  2. when you're a poverty school and beating Alabama is your Superbowl

  3. Been a long time coming Tennessee great win

  4. Great win for the officials from Tennessee.

  5. I don't watch football but I just had to watch this when I saw it. Man I feel bad for that Alabama dude. Guy had one job, to kick a ball in a straight path, and he would've been a fucking legend and gotten ALL the pussy, not just some, but all.

  6. As a Clemson fan I’m very happy to see Tennessee come out in front

  7. As a "casual" football fan I thought the ultimate in post-game energy and euphoria was last year's Michigan win over Ohio St. at the Big House (it WAS last year, right?) I mean, just sitting at home, you could ride the vibe. But this…this was David slaying Goliath and then walking up and putting a metal-toed sandal on the giant's throat. Congrats Vol nation!

  8. Hey fat fellow with your hair colored yellow what you trying to prove? SWEET HOME ALABAMA AND ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  9. Why there was a lot of celebration?. ( Besides winning the game)

  10. I think it’s nice that they let some white people play in the nėgro league now

  11. Congratulations Tennessee 🎊 👏 💐 🥳 🎊. Great game! I only watch Alabama to see them lose and you guys moped the field with them!😆😁

  12. I experienced so many emotions watching the end of this game. And to be there in person just escalated everything. Worth every penny.

  13. One of my best friends is a die hard Tennessee fan. His wedding band is a silicone orange band with a big white T on it. I can't tell you how happy I am seeing his boys play so well. I messaged him immediately and he sent me a 47 second long voice message of his self flipping the fuck out lol.

  14. Not going to lie. Those fireworks were kino.

  15. lol American eggball sucks. This is no thrill compared to the real Football.

  16. Though deservedly popular, looking at social responses, tons of people are happy when Alabama loses. It's Alabama arrogance burnout.

  17. There's a real fine line on what is pass interference and a great defensive play on the ball. It's to my understanding though if the DB alters the position of the wide receiver etc, grabs his arm or leg as to prevent him from catching the ball so that his angle is distorted that's pass interference, if the DB just places his hand on the Wide receivers shoulders or arms that's not pass interference. Judgements by the refs however can dictate who wins the game. I don't think Alabama deserved to win if they had won because of stupid plays on their part and dropped passes that should have been caught. So who played better? Neither one really, it was in my opinion a draw. And the game could have went into overtime just as easily.

  18. So Tennessee got ONE win against the greatest college football team ever known as the Roll Tides. You better enjoy that win because you won't get another one against Bama for another 15 years…

  19. Talk about pressure on the kicker, if he would have missed that field goal, people wud give him hell for the rest of his life!

  20. lol what a rigged game the refs are crooked fact cheating like biden still wont make you good

  21. That's Americano real spirit not Brandon and its globalist bs. Vote red

  22. Bryce Young cracked in the CFP and now is the 1st Alabama QB in 15 years to lose to Tennessee.

  23. if the doctor says i have 6 minutes left to live, i am watching this one more time 👍🏼

  24. Alabama was overrated. Texas should have beat their ass too

  25. Nothing Better then when Alabama looses 😁

  26. Congratulations from West Virginia, to West Virginia's second favorite team, the Tennessee Volunteers on their win over Bama. Don't stop there boys, go all the way, and make sure you dethrone those Georgia Bulldogs too!

  27. Tennessee's refs are obviously this game's MVP

  28. This made me just as happy as the Hail Mary of 2016 against Georgia.

  29. One of the best college football games ever

  30. As an Ohio State fan, thank you Vols !!!

  31. When you hear the phrase "it's more than just a football game", this is what they mean.

  32. A bunch of dumb hillbilly inbreeders, storming the field. Besides a hefty fine, for this foolishness, when fans storm the field, the program involved, should be put on the death penalty, for at least one year, if not longer.

  33. Most watched football game in 3 years since 2019 LSU/bama 17 million viewers

  34. Best game of the season so far. And Alabama should have no margin of error moving forward. They’re still really good. But this could easily be a 2-3 loss team right now. They should have to win out to get in.

  35. I called this upset on all you Bama losers thought i was crazy! Tennessee owns the SEC and Saban was scared and still is after this Rocky Top Beatdown!!! Go Vols!!!

  36. When another college football team can beat Alabama it is a momentous occasion, when Alabama wins it’s just another Saturday. Coach Saban only has 26 losses in 17 seasons, some college coaches won’t even compile that many wins in half that time. Roll Tide!!

  37. Did the ball get tipped at the end? Looked like it. If it did I wonder if he would have made it if it didn't get tipped?

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