#3 Alabama vs Auburn Highlights (INSANE OVERTIME THRILLER!) | 2021 Iron Bowl | 2021 College Football - ishmargames.com

#3 Alabama vs Auburn Highlights (INSANE OVERTIME THRILLER!) | 2021 Iron Bowl | 2021 College Football

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Alabama vs Auburn Highlights (Auburn vs Alabama) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Alabama and Auburn played in Week 13 of the 2021 College Football Season. It was an insane game between the two rivals, which ended up needing 4 overtimes to decide a winner.

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  1. i'm sure you get a ton of suggestions, so here's another one: have you ever thought about running the game highlights with your version of the commentary? you have a unique voice and i'd be curious as to what Wheels had to say.

  2. 10:39 you pass while you have a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter?…. I’m not sorry that auburn blew it…

  3. People sleeping on Metchie a bit. He made some impressive catches and ran some hot routes last year, as a true freshman, competing against an elite receiving group. Same for Bolden when Waddle went down. Both clutch when we need em.

  4. Hey can’t be mad at that they played a hell of a game

  5. Alabama got away with push off for TD riding game

  6. Bryce Young has the heart of Lion! He is undoubtedly the Heisman front runner. He never stopped playing no matter what. He made timely clutch plays over and over and the kid is only a sophomore in his 12th start.

  7. is it me or did the Alabama WR push off the DB at 14:50 ??? no flag for offensive PI?

  8. ‪Auburn did a great job this past weekend. It was a hard battle against a strong opponent. 4OT with a three point loss. This was easily their best game. We salute you. ‬

  9. Can’t wait until this game has a name. When someone mentions the kick 6 I’ll finally have a solid one to reply in recent years.

  10. You are up 10 points going into the 4th quarter, with an injured backup quarterback. What kind of coach doesn't know how to use a wildcat? I guess we know at least 2: Harsin and Bobo. There is no reason Kobe couldn't have taken a snap or two. He was one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in high school. The coaches were trying to keep it on the ground to wind down the clock, in which case a TJ who couldn't run was basically dead weight out there.

  11. Sorry I don‘t usually watch college football, can someone please explain the OT rules I‘m confused

  12. That was awesome. Ive bern an Alabama fan for years and i gotta this game had me up and out my seat!! Good game rolltide!!

  13. After this game the barn can stop playin their kick 6 vids..lol
    This one will bother them for a long time, sweet.

  14. that look on nix's face knowing he's about to transfer = priceless

  15. Auburns Offense was pathetic you don't get that many stops on Bama and fail to capitalize. Great Job by both Defenses though

  16. Alabama football in a game win or Lose never give up ROLLTIDE!!!!

  17. Close, but no cigar. Good game Auburn, my anxiety was through the roof. Roll Tide!

  18. This is Auburn's superbowl – every year. They play like a 9 or 10 win team because there is no voodoo like Jordan-Hare voodoo. Roll Tide!!!

  19. Doesn't matter. Alabama won't win the title this year. Offense is struggling and the defense is non-existent. Alabama defense can't even stop auburn. Alabama will get creamed against Georgia.

  20. bro didn't show the 4th and 7 to Billingsley on the last drive????

  21. Roll. Tide. – (From Ghost Town With Love)💀

  22. Alabama was scoreless with 8:44 to go wow can’t believe they pulled that one off but glad they did

  23. Auburn could win but Auburn QB making a lot of mistakes in this game.

  24. To think Auburn fans thought they were cheated out of this game… maybe out of the third grade but not this game

  25. What’s up with the crane poses by the players I don’t get it

  26. This game is so serious down here People get killed behind it … somebody was killed behind the txA&m game

  27. By the end of the game everyone is either injured or thrown out of the game. That was crazy how they didn't call pass interference the entire game. It made it so competitive. I still think we (Auburn) could have won if we challenged the interception, looked like it was incomplete. He might have used the ground to catch the ball.

  28. Hi Youtube Audience,

    Is there anyone want to see Auburn Team successfully achieved the berth in the National Championship game for 2022 season and beyond? I want to see Auburn reach the National Championship for 2022 season and beyond.
    People of United States,
    Can we work together in unity to abide the ideology to help Auburn reach the national championship for 2022 season and beyond?

  29. Auburn gave game to Alabama to create the perfect storm for the SEC. Two teams in the final 4. In my opinion some college football games are fixed, same as pro's. Anyone without insider knowledge is a "DAMN FOOL" to bet on any sports game.

  30. For once it seems Auburn's luck ran out. But they played a good game

  31. Good game, but I still say the 2019 iron bowl is better

  32. f*** the alabama crimson tide, they cheated and were paid to cheat snd so were the refs and it's all harvey updyke's fault because cheaters never win. imagine that it's the 2010 college football season and auburn is just hammering everybody with cam newton and company and well that years ironbowl comes up and alabama takes a 20 something lead at the half and after halftime cam newton leads a comeback and auburn wins the ironbowl 28 to 27 and after that i go to bed and i have a dream that they year was 2020 and alabama had not beat auburn since 2010 and auburn wins the 2020 ironbowl and then a year later 2021 the state of alabama takes a vote and auburn wins the vote and all of the alabama fans were forced to say war eagle and anything alabama crimson tide related was buried,burned and forgotten and tuscaloosca became a north auburn and auburn became a south auburn and the ironbowl ceases to exist we even changed the name of the state from the state of alabama to the state of auburn that was my dream i had back in 2010 and it made my really happy knowibg it was gonna come true in ten years and also in those ten year auburn was going undefeated and winning national championships every year to the year 2020and then i wake up from my most happiest dream ever to the worst possible news ever the very next morning to hear that a evil demon from hell named harvey updyke had poisoned toomers corner and that was the day that my dream died and as the alabama crimson tide goes onto win championships every year and auburn goes into the s***hole and with things like this,players dying in car wrecks,play callers dying in car wrecks a lsu fan
    setting toomers corner on fire back in 2016 when a game winning touchdown by lsu was reversed and giving auburn the win these last ten years for auburn have been complete and udder hell a hellish nightmare,auburn has been mistreated,abused and raped by everybody from
    the georgia bulldogs,texas a and m,every college football team in the state of florida and of course the alabama crimson tide, auburn has been raped by everybody in the college football world these past ten years and it's all harvey updyke's fault because he knew that auburn was gonna rise to power but he couldn't take the truth and so he did the only thing possible and cause auburn's downfall when he poisoned toomers corner back in 2010,what ge did cantbe forgiven not by me,i will never forgive harvey updyke for causing auburn's downfall and when he died last year (2020) i was happy and i partied and it was a glorious day and the curse he put on auburn should have died with him but no it still exists here in 2021 and i am sick and tired of the harvey updyke curse,auburn did nothing wrong to deserve this bulls***,it's gotten so bad for me that i have threwn things at my wall and knocked over my table,i shouldn't be doing this no,it should be the alabama crimson tide fans doing this,they were supposed to lose to auburn these last ten years because my dream back in 2010 told me so,i hate living in this nightmarish worldmi am so ashamed and embarrassed by the alabama crimson tide, they make this state look bad you stupid cousin humpers you stupid rednecks
    f*** you f*** you f*** you alabama f*** you harvey updyke and most of all f*** you nick satan(saban) and speaking of nick satan (saban) it's gonna be a glorious day when he passes away and i'm gonna be happy and party,i am a very angry and p***ed off auburn fan.

  33. Fuck the lil brothers! ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!! 😤😤


  35. We come down to that cow college and beat them at jordon prayer 🐘🏆💪

  36. Auburn played phenomenal for being 6-5 they should’ve won this game if were being honest

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