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#3 Michigan vs #2 Ohio State Football Game Highlights 11 26 2022

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#3 Michigan vs #2 Ohio State Football Game Highlights 11 26 2022
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  1. My favorite part is at the end of the game, the stands are empty because the buckeye fans were sick and tired of watching Michigan beat the ever living shit out of their team. That was truly one of the biggest ass whoopings I have ever seen

  2. world famous Fuckeyes lol Good game Blue!

  3. 8:08 is the best offensive play of the game. Picking up that blitz with a rifle to the outside, legendary and off his back foot. Not many can make that throw.

  4. Michigan has and always had the BEST Offensive Linemen in the country

  5. Perfect football day ruined by a power outage for me near the Oregon State football stadium! This Michigan born, East Detroit High grad couldn't watch a minute of the game SO frustrating as I've been Michigan fan since birth! So all I could do is track the score on the ESPN app! Great win, especially the margin of victory, that the experts sure didn't see coming!
    Then onto the Oregon State football game, also underdogs against the Oregon Ducks. Down 21 points late in the 3rd quarter and FINALLY the power came back on! Do I bother to turn it on? Why not, all this time unable to watch my two favorite teams??? Well at least Michigan won, right? And then it happened, the most amazing comeback!
    So a fantastic football day! Glad I found these highlights and you can find Oregon State football highlights too! Thank you!

  6. but but but but JIM KNOWLES……🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. This idiot said the world famous ohio state?……..world famous?

  8. Both the sets o and d are so wide…bring that play down south..we will teach you football

  9. I did love the bad ass show off of the idiot from the shoe…they never have to go to school..they just prey on the white sweet things…follow them om ig…

  10. well well well Now THAT was a game. Mich cant pass long. Their RB is out again so lets jam the box. well ya got burned again and again to the utter deltight of GO Blue fans everywhere you never even in their wildest dreams saw this whopping coming, In Ohio s defence their schecule lacked any kind of talent but Penn St so but How Sweet it is to see them miss the playoffs.. whats this? no Bama, No OU, No Buckeyes and no Clemson? Well its Georgia vs USC and Mich plays TCU.

  11. I've watched this 10 times already. Love it everytime.

  12. Michigan's first win at Ohio State since 2000.

  13. I like Jim Harbaugh he coached my team 49ers and was damn good with us as well. Congrats coach

  14. WOLVERINES!!!!!! oops wrong movie. 😀

  15. Michigan just outplayed Ohio State. Great game.

  16. Boy I wish they had moved Sainristil to DB sooner.

  17. After the first score I thought the only question was how much Ohio would win by.

  18. Lots of questionable flags by OS Referees. Should have payed them more.

  19. I pray to god that usc and tcu both lose so ohio st can move to #3 so #2 Michigan can whoop dat ass one more time 🤣 🤣 🤣 🙏 🙏

  20. I pray to god that usc and tcu both lose so ohio st can move to #3 so #2 Michigan can whoop dat ass one more time 🤣 🤣 🤣 🙏 🙏

  21. In the immortal words of Martellus Bennett… Ohio State had a bunch of b***es on the roster.


  23. Buckeye fans thought Corum was the only RB Michigan had. They didn't call them lightning & lightning for nothing.

  24. That play on Cade stover by Mikey sainristil gives me chills every time 😮 22:17. So proud of these wolverines.

  25. Don't worry about it ya'll got 365 days to fix it

  26. world famous Ohio state Gus??? u sure??? Lol!

  27. Make a journey/hype video man. You made one before and it was the best I had seen. Tugged on my heart strings.. now with these last 2 years you have golden content.. mix all the heartbreak and triumph into a nasty hype/memory video with some great music.. or make 2 separate videos. A hype and a memorial.. something. Make something! I have yet to see better and believe they should hire you in the athletic department for media. They’ll never notice you if you don’t make them!

  28. Born And Raised In Ohio Here, It Was Really Satisfying To See Michigan Win! OSU Fans Are Too Cocky For Their Own Good IMHO!
    But Did I Mention That One Of My Favorite Animals On The Planet Is A Wolverine? I Live Those Scary Looking Ferrets! 👍

  29. Ridiculously biased announcers basically sucking on Ohio State…they got beat not once but twice by the founders of the sport. Sick of crappy announcers and predetermined coverage. Hope you all enjoyed the ass beating by the Wolverines 🙂

  30. Michigan will be a 4 seed in the SEC.dookie on the ground

  31. all the fancy Ohio State td dances dont mean squat

  32. Ohio state is dookie on the ground, and Michigan go boo boo they play a weak conference UGA for life. UGA vs TCU finals

  33. Welcome to Atlanta where the players play. UGA #1

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