#4 Cincinnati vs. #1 Alabama Full Game Highlights | 2021 NCAA Cotton Bowl - ishmargames.com

#4 Cincinnati vs. #1 Alabama Full Game Highlights | 2021 NCAA Cotton Bowl

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#4 Cincinnati vs. #1 Alabama Full Game Highlights | 2021 NCAA Cotton Bowl

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  1. LOL, pulled that cup-cake Cincy punter back from the pile like he was a rag-doll…. Then he jumped like he was gonna do something…. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  2. Now I know why they invited Cincinnati to the final four. Because they did not want to play Baylor.

  3. As an SEC fan, the Cincinnati Bearcats got my respect! I'm sure Cincinnati will be back and they have a new fan too!

  4. Why do fans cheer the coin toss? Clearly, the biggest play (and applause) for the Bearcats.

  5. I really hope Georgia wins. Everybody except Bama fans are bored of their overdue dynasty.

  6. So, play one good team and 12 bad ones and you to can make the playoffs; Only to be given a dose of reality when you play a real team (which did not play very well). Cincinnati couldn't beat half the teams in the top 25.

  7. Life-long Bama fan, but I'm always amazed at our ability to make it to the playoffs…. this year by running the ball.

  8. evidently a Cincinnati fan put this together. Wasn't nearly as close as this seems to allude to

  9. I predicted UGA & ALA in the national championship game during regular season. The committee trying to build up the SEC even more now Oklahoma coming in few years

  10. Cincy did not have a snowball chance of beating the top team in the SEC. Yes, Cincy has won 23 0f 24 games, but not against teams that are in the SEC. When playing a top SEC team, you better put your big boy pants on because you are going against the best players in the college ranks. Cincy scored 6, Michigan scored 11 against the 2 best college teams.

  11. It’s amazing we still get teams like Cincy and Michigan in these playoffs. Wins/loses are only meaningful if you’re playing against solid teams multiple times throughout the season.

  12. cincinnati got off easy. they’d have been blown out by a real school, like bishop sycamore.

  13. If you thought the outcome would be different, you live on another planet.

  14. The outcome was never in doubt Cincy don't belong here

  15. Lol cincy two field goals. What a great undefeated team who deserved to be there 🤡🤡

  16. If Cincy could stop the run . I think they would hold they own in passing game against Bama

  17. Why was Cincinnati in this game ? Wrong caliber, good team , wrong conference.

  18. Cincinnati won the coin toss and chose death..lol they fans were jumping up and down like they won the game after the coin toss.

  19. No suprise you can tell by the "highlights" who the producer of the vidya was rooting for lol ive seen it a thousand times.

  20. Men versus boys. Alabama faced closer games during the season. This makes the 4 team playoff a joke. No more mediocre teams with weak schedules please. I want to watch competitive games at the end of the season.

  21. I lost count on how many times they dropped Cincinnati's quarterback to the ground

  22. just a good football game. 6-27 is solid everything.

  23. The Cincinnati Offense is still looking for the end zone 🙂 RTR!

  24. I can't believe people still want to expand the playoff after these 2 games.

  25. Cincinnati, what a joke. The great pretenders🤡🗑💩

  26. Tâm Sự Kín vào (timbantinh69.com) says:

    16:53 Lúc nhỏ thì thích trung thu. Lớn lên lại muốn thu này with u

  27. Cincy had so many opportunities to win this game, they just couldn't move the ball. There were 5 or 6 possessions where if they could have just made a couple plays they could have at least kept it close. The OL was not giving the QB anywhere near the time he needed, and the coaching staff never adjusted. Should have been running screens, draws, options, quick slants…anything to get the ball out quick and give their weapons a chance to make plays.

  28. I absolutely love when receivers jump or dive into the end zone lol

  29. Cincy skill positions in this game weren't bad but sadly they didn't have the linemen to even come close to competing

  30. I wasn’t able to watch the game but could listen to a play by play and cincy had some good plays just not enough. They had a really good season and it’s not like Bama hasn’t lost their last game and it was their only loss. It’d be cool to see these teams play again in a playoff one day

  31. The funniest thing is Bama went so easy on them and cincy struggled so hard. 😂 I can't believe there were people that actually thought the Bearcats could've won. Cincy is cool for a G5 squad and could beat most P5 teams… but not the P5 teams that can afford much better recruiting.

  32. I am a huge Alabama fan that was a blow out win for Alabama!😃😃😃😃

  33. The drop off after Bama and Georgia was so significant this year. Every team ranked below Cincy was better until you get to Wake Forest at 17. At that point Cincy is competitive. and Cincy is better than Houston at 21. But no teams were gonna give a good game against Bama and Georgia.

  34. You can't always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes, well, you just might find
    You get what you need

  35. Cincy played as they were just happy to be there…. They did nothing what got them there makes you wonder about the mindset

  36. 🎶"… they got a name for the winners of this world, I wanna name when i lose. They call Alabama the Crimson Tide , Call me Deacon Blues, deacon blues…" 🎶 — some song lines from Deacon Blues by Steely Dan, circa 1976

  37. Well…at least they did better than Michigan lmao

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