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#4 TCU vs Baylor THRILLING Ending | 2022 College Football

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The college football game between TCU and Baylor had a thrilling ending as the game came down to the last second.

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  1. Wow! Getting the field goal off before time expired is nothing short of miraculous!

  2. I know they practiced the quick field goal thing, but…that was stupid play calling. They could've run the ball twice, then clocked it, and actually been able to set up their field goal unit with time to spare. Not exactly sure what they were thinking.

  3. Credit to TCU for pulling that off!! However, should the No. 4 ranked team in the nation struggled to defeat a four loss Baylor team (now 5)? Just like Tennessee, TCU seems overrated. However, I like them and given the complete domination of the same 3 or 4 teams in the playoffs every year, I have no qualms seeing them get there. Let's just hope that if they do they represent themselves well and don't get blown out by one of the other playoff teams.

  4. If they wouldve ran outta time, this would have been the worst example of game management from a coach.

  5. Hero kicker. Barely got in position and feet planted. Same for the whole fg unit.

  6. Slow down Baylor getting up off ground and rushing back to line of scrimmage! Take your time, waste 4 seconds, and you win!

  7. OU worker here but that's fire.

  8. LiberalsAreTheBiggestCryBabiesOnThePlanet Comical says:

    TCU is trash lmfao

  9. One of the best games, if not the best game I've ever seen. Saturday football>Sunday football.

  10. Not even an extra player on the field! This play was the result of relentless repetition, and I bet the players understand the value of that practice now.

  11. It's only been 5 days, and that final call still gives me chills!!!

  12. Yeah they definitely deserve to drop in rankings

  13. Terrible tcu coach..terrible..should kick on 3rd down..very stupid coach

  14. This team just showed why they are still undefeated.

  15. Many Nfl teams aren’t as disciplined and coordinated as that.

  16. Cannot believe I’m just now seeing this. Wow!

  17. Jumping around at the end like they just beat the #1 team in the nation. They should have been embarrassed.

  18. TCU was very posed and disciplined… #4 for a reason

  19. Amazing coaching. Had those guys Prepared to execute.

  20. That announcing call for the final play is one of the best I've ever heard 🔥

  21. That was some of the worst play calling down the stretch. Honestly, they were VERY LUCKY to win that game! I don't care what level it is, you always go for a touchdown and make the best use of the clock. Anyone who knows anything about football knows you have to throw the ball in the last minute and call plays where your receivers can get out of bounds to stop the clock.

    It did work out for them, but just AWFUL play calling! Imagine if something went wrong on the snap or the kicker choked!

  22. WOW….that is great coaching, preparation, and skill there. Players, coaches, everyone was ready and earned that win!!!

  23. Молодцы, но много суеты. Проще остановить время было на третьем розыгрыше и спокойно пробить. А так дичь конечно. Спайк, бег, и гол на последних секундах как в кино)

  24. Hell miss BSU and TCU football game was usually by three point a field goal . Sometimes BSU won and sometime TCU would win always good game a close game. God bless one and all be safe you all.

  25. When I heard that they practice that rush field goal every Thursday, that told me that Sonny knew exactly what he was doing the whole time! The announcers were like "um I don't know about that call, what's going on?" And that's the genius of Sonny Dykes, he's playing Madden Football while the other teams are playing PeeWee football!

  26. At 2:05 (video time) the game appeared to be over. Not so fast, said TCU!

  27. Stupid that the big 10 big 12 pac 10 sec championship counts towards if u get in or out of national championship while those that don't have to play could squeeze in bc of someone's conference championship game

  28. Mid team, pretty embarrassing performance by TCU, to allow Baylor to have almost 500 yards of offense (Baylor was the first team too do so all year) I think they are gonna be a first round exit, they can’t hang with the big dawgs 🤡 I don’t think they deserve the number #4 spot

  29. Did anyone see how the kicker came on the field to kick the field goal? He came on the field at an angle so he didn't have to set up. Very well done

  30. I think we all know that Alabama would probably win handily against TCU at this point in the season lol

  31. Good teams practice that run on FG attempt with the hope they never have to do it. Great teams practice that run on FG attempt and flawlessly execute it.

  32. We were really hoping that clock would magically speed up haha! I like drones better than shapen. Shapen feels like brewer post concussion. All we needed was 1 first down, had the throw, and he kept running anyways. Just need better decision making this was a pretty talented Baylor squad that fell short in some odd ways

  33. I’ll keep saying it, the NFL will never be this electric. College football always entertains and delivers the best moments.

  34. TCU sucks. South Carolina would stomp them😂

  35. Tcu didn't just pull victory from the jaws of defeat, they ripped baylor's heart out along with it.

  36. Wow, missed that one over the weekend. Baylor was thinking hell yea last 2 mins then wtf the last 4 secs haha

  37. Baylor is so terrible. They gave yet another game away.

  38. Your confidence as a kicker has to be through the roof to do that as time is expiring!

  39. Bailor coach blew it. All you needed was a 1st down and its game over. Instead, you chose to do what every other coach would do…play conservative and not aggressive.

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