49ers vs. Rams NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

49ers vs. Rams NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. Rams are gonna be better than last year! We have one of the toughest schedules Bills Chiefs Raiders Chargers Bucs 49ers Cardinals Packers Saints Cowboys and Broncos! Let’s Go Rams see y’all at SoFi

  2. would conveniently leave out the Skoronek TD drop but keep the INT drop here, y'all slick 😆😆😆 we still woulda at least went up 20, 24 points easily 😆😆😆

  3. This game sounded like it was in Santa Clara. The Niners will always be Calis true team.

  4. Why dose this always happens when it matters 57 times in a row we beat the 🐑🐑🐑🐑

  5. If the 49ers would've won they would've gotten killed by the Bengals.

  6. The best part of watching so many niner fans at sofi is watching them leave in tears

  7. The best team definitely did not win this game.

  8. The rams would really be such a lame team if they didn’t have cooper kupp. i don’t think stafford would really even know who to throw to if kupp got injured

  9. Hearing the excitement drain from Joe Buck was beautiful 😂🖕🏽

  10. That tart pick would of sealed it. Another reason why we got rid of him.

  11. AD closed out the NFC Championship and Super Bowl in spectacular fashion.

  12. Me and my friend Brooke and her sister which is my childhood friend went to this game in LA and it was the best game ever and my parents were there to

  13. Good Ol Jimmy chocking again

  14. Why I got only 1 guy defending me this funk 😒

  15. They going to ride on the super bowl on that

  16. Has anyone noticed how the rams have dodgers and lakers colors combined kinda. Gold ish and blue ish

  17. This game kinda reminded me of the 2013 NFC championship between the Niners and seahawks. Niners were leading for most of the game and looked like the better team but crucial mistakes, their opponent heating up at the right time, and mediocre quarterbacking did them in. There were some differences though, both teams had better offenses, the officiating was better in this game, and obviously no insane post game interview.

  18. Shout out to obj kupp and samuel also 49ers and rams

  19. Still can't believe we blew this damn game

  20. Looking back at this game the niners were clearly the better team, dropping picks, delay of games, dropped passes. The game plan was there they just didn’t execute

  21. trey Lance with the offense the 49ers have is going to be fun to watch this season

  22. on the niners final drive, did jimmy g not see what kyler murray did in the wild card

  23. This made me happy to watch can’t wait for this season 😈

  24. That personal foul for taunting on Al-Shaair changed the game. "Not much there." – Aikman.

  25. Forgot all about tart dropping that easy interception smfh , the momentum would’ve been heavily in our favor (Jimmy gonna Jimmy tho so they still would’ve had chance)

  26. That taunting call
    On Azeez was bs 9ers defense had the rams in check

  27. As a cowboys fan thank you rams for takeing out the trash

  28. @9:06 If only tartt held on to the football the niners would have gone to another sb appearance.

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