#5 Michigan v #10 Penn State Highlights | College Football Week 7 | 2022 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#5 Michigan v #10 Penn State Highlights | College Football Week 7 | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Penn State vs Michigan Highlights (Michigan vs Penn State) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Michigan Football hosted Penn State Football in week 7 of the 2022 College Football Season.

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  1. I was there, when Blake busted that run out, the big house want nuts

  2. This game should have been 53-10, at best. 3 FG's, plus the tipped pick-6. Bottom line is that PSU's offense scored TEN points. Ten! And they were ranked #10. First half score made this game look close, even though PSU had TWO first downs at that point. TWO!

  3. Ohio state better hit the weight room if they want a chance this year 😂

  4. Their offense seems like it resembles Ohio State's. Is that on purpose?

  5. So basically just run the ball and Penn loses. They couldnt stop anything.

  6. "Just you wait until Michigan plays a real team like PSU!"
    Michigan makes them look like a high school team
    "W-well, they weren't that good anyway!"
    And the cycle continues…

  7. James Franklin's record versus top ten teams is 3 and 15. He can not win big games. He is better suited for Vanderbilt where a 8and 4 record is successful.

  8. Hey Penn state😁 Miami fan here. We tried to warn you. Get ready more blowout losses to come long as ol boy your DC.

  9. Corum is a freaking beast!! He's really shorrt too!! Go blue baybe

  10. Just remember fellow Michigan fans….Michigan is Charlie Brown and eventually Lucy is gonna yank that football out of Charlie Browns way and we are gonna go flying again

  11. Too many FGs. Will need to score more TDs against bigger teams to go all the way. We need to be more dynamic and creative on offense. Happy with this win but hoping to see more creativity down the stretch. Go Blue!

  12. From a Rabid Dawg, congratulations and respect to Michigan for walloping PUS (oops, sorry PSU). Keep it up Blue; we'd love to meet you in the playoffs again.

  13. i was at the game. penn state had 3 plays to cheer about the whole game. absolute domination.

  14. 110,000 fans.. more than European pro sports wow

  15. Yooo, I abuse the mess out of that outside sweep RPO play Michigan ran at 7:21 in College Football Revamped. Not even a Michigan fan but seeing that play turn into a touchdown brought a smile to my face

  16. Once UofM shores up their run defense and the offense gets the deep ball going, the Wolverines will be incredibly scary(even more so than they are now!)!

    The Penn St. o-line was holding ALL DAY, it was so infuriating to watch them grabbing jerseys and tacking Michigan defenders, oftentimes right in plain view of the terrible officials.

  17. Nice blatantly missed hold at 7:11, and then next play was UM TD. Michigan was holding all day.

  18. bruh tht o line is nasty and athletic….af!

  19. Penn State are and always have been overrated.I lived their for 20 years and I understand that in the hopeless state of Pennsylvania,citizens really try to console themselves with the “linebacker U.” myth.

  20. Penn State stinks, they really need to get Rudy back!

  21. Good win for the wolverines. Guess what…….. Michigan State…….you're next!!!!!!!

  22. Tennessee, Georgia, and Ohio State would beat Michigan by 4 touchdowns. I said it.

  23. I really think they got what it takes to go to Columbus and win this year at least make it a game

  24. Just wait until Michigan faces a team with a good Offensive line, lol.

  25. Did the announcer seriously say if not the biggest game of the week when you have alabama and Tennessee playing

  26. JJ needs to make better game management from start to finish and Michigan will be unstoppable.

  27. It shouldn't have even been that close. Over 400 yds rushing by UM.

  28. that was probably the best fake i have ever seen, grats

  29. Deserved every hit of that ass beating poor sports and worse athletes

  30. Penn state came in so cocky as if they think they are OSU. The funny thing is they got whooped worse than OSU did last season by Michigan. Go Blue!

  31. 6:05 I LOVE how players always act surprised when a fricken blatant obvious penalty is called, dudes acting surprised that grabbing bell like he did was a penalty like gtfo of here lmao

  32. The Big Ten needs the anti SEC bias. Really outside of Ohio there is no way in regular season any of you could beat Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Ole Miss this year. Maybe in a bowl game where the best of their players are opting out for their NFL careers!!

  33. Not fair – Michigan Cheated – they made Poor Pedophile U run through the same tunnel. Thats obviously why they lost – Just ask Head enabler Franklin, he will tell you.

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  35. My first deal with maskoffweb was awesome the flips 1.2btc to my blockchain wallet so I could pay for my bills

  36. If we can win at the shoe I would be so excited 😃

  37. Michigan dominated…no question. I've noticed though that their red zone O keeps trying up the middle runs and they end up with a FG for the effort. Going to have to work on that, especially when you have two backs and a QB with such explosive speed, why not run them outside in the red zone?

  38. So many missed tackles cause everyone wants to strip the ball

  39. The Wolverines should wear this all blue uniform in all home games.

  40. Dawg they beat this shit outta them…haven’t seen an ass whoopin like that in a bit

  41. I haz crush on McCarthy's arm. Just so cool and confident back there.

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