#6 Oklahoma vs #21 Texas Highlights (GAME OF THE YEAR!?) | Week 6 | 2021 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#6 Oklahoma vs #21 Texas Highlights (GAME OF THE YEAR!?) | Week 6 | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Oklahoma vs Texas Highlights (Texas vs Oklahoma) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Oklahoma and Texas played in Week 6 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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  1. The capable hubcap rapidly hunt because peace customarily grin given a cowardly edward. offbeat, neat brown

  2. My cuz allen is a texass fan all j have to say IS BOOMER!!!

  3. Awww poor Longhorns. They were supposed to win that one.

  4. I love this game so much, Spencer getting exposed on live television, celeb actually showing leadership, and leading ou to a comeback, this has to be the game of the year for sure.

  5. I’m angina his Gus johnson and fox doing this game

  6. One hell of a announcer credit to him, ngl I was hyped all game.

  7. This is shaping up to be the greatest college season ever compared to 2007 hope we see more upsets

  8. The right side of the field saw most of the action

  9. The 2 most over rated teams in the history of the sport. Maybe 3rd if you include Ohio State….maybe

  10. Imagine being in the stadium in this game. Best college game i seen in a while both teams going back and forth with touchdowns shits lit

  11. That's what this rivalry is supposed to be like! Texas actually looked… Texasy.

  12. ou sucked in the first half but they came back in the game a coming back team ou

  13. If Texas made the stop and sent it to overtime we would have more time to watch the greatest ot ever

  14. Alabama vs. Texas A&M was definitely the game of the year. It’s nice to see TU get beat though.


  16. well before long we, the both of us, are going to a conference and both of us are going to be wearing targets on the backs of our uniforms……now a few weeks ago we played a game you don't see too much in the sec…..we'll have each other and that's it…..as a sooner, i expect you horns to hit bama right square in the teeth……and let bevo toss uga about a 100 feet in the air……as for us sooners……we will give all we got to hold up our end in this new conference…..lets go plat some football in the sec……great game horns it could have gone either way……we both know that…..

  17. Great game, only watch college football now.

  18. Who would’ve thought that after this game UT’s season would go straight to hell?

  19. Texas took the biggest L I’ve ever seen lmao

  20. Just watching these first half highlights Texas threw away this game

  21. Well todays game performance ducked Lincoln Riley sure knows how to play the fixed game real good

  22. This was certainly an exciting turn of events

  23. Very close game texas holds on to Oklahoma as they both advance to the Christmas, new years, birthday bids…

  24. Highlights everywhere! reminds me of the decade you had to beat at least one team from Florida to win a national championship

  25. I’m a Texas fan so I come back to watch the first half highlights and daydream about what this team would’ve been if this game went the other way. Losing after holding such a big lead really emotionally ruined this team for the rest of the season

  26. Ballsiest call of the game was putting Rattler back in for that 2 pt conversion. That was one of those decisions that you either get called a genius if it works or crucified if it doesn't.

  27. Knowing what we know about Lincoln Riley now, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to tank a couple of games this year, and the players didn't let it happen.

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