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60 Minutes of INSANE NFL Game-Winners

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  1. Great video, but aj green scoring wit 5 mins left kinda didnt feel right..

  2. That Aaron Rogers clip where they say "He turned 32, does he have a vintage moment?" gets me every time. The fact that at 32 he's viewed like being an old man and he just signed a contract for the highest yearly pay of an athlete EVER at 38, cracks me up.

  3. It’s crazy how many of these wouldn’t have been touchdowns today due to the force out rule

  4. I wouldn't call all of these game winners. To me a game winning play has to be the last play of the game, which some of these were. But the others, there was still time on the clock so the other team had a chance. Therefore, you could argue that the game winner was the last defensive play of the game which stopped the other team from scoring. Of course, not as exciting as these plays.

  5. all great vids but the steve young run and commentary gets me every time…

  6. If you don't take note of the absolute ROAR from the crowd when Ezekiel Elliot hit that game winning run, and stop to realize that it was IN PITTSBURGH!?!? That is why I am and always will be a Cowboys fan.

  7. Rip Demaryius Thomas God bless his soul

  8. Eagles got some on giants with game winning punt returns😂😂

  9. You shouldn’t be able to catch a blocked field goal and advance the ball that should only be able to be done by the team that blocked the field goal that’s some bs

  10. Priest Holmes Would Not Be Denied For That TD ,He Basically aggressively stepped on him for the win

  11. 2 Drew brees highlights in 1 hour. Neither of them any of his best plays to win games… Cray

  12. The rarest clip is hearing the NY Jets winning a game in overtime

  13. Just think, Tom Brady has been playing NFL football since before HD video.

  14. oh those force out rulings, no call forward laterals, and runners who down well before the end zone….

  15. Man, I forgot how weird Tebows throwing motion looked, lmao

  16. This might be the greatest compilation ever created

  17. That throw by Brett Favre on the Vikings vs the 49er’s was the most amazing I’ve seen from him EVER

  18. I wonder how many actual walk-off scores there have been to win a game in history. 😁😁

  19. Rodgers hail mary or Kyler one doesn't impress since they're basically a prayer and a wild heave. Credit goes to the WR for picking it out of the D hands in a struggle. It's basically their skill than QB who just has to throw it up wild into endzone which almost all QBs can easily do

  20. Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears
    Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers
    Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals
    Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans
    Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons
    Cleveland Browns vs Denver Broncos
    New York Giants vs New England Portions
    New York Jets vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Los Angeles Chargers vs Los Angeles Rams
    New Orleans Saints vs Las Vegas Raiders
    Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals
    Indianapolis Colts vs Dallas Cowboys
    Seattle Seahawks vs Washington D.C Redskins
    Carolina Panthers vs Baltimore Ravens

  21. I’m so glad football is here again😭

  22. Michael Vick’s speed and agility is insane. Dude could’ve easily been a running back.

  23. disapointed that there were almost no 85 Bear highlights of sweetness and others – same with the runbacks on Peanut of the Bears…..

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