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#7 Alabama vs Auburn Highlights | College Football Week 13 | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Alabama vs Auburn Highlights (Auburn vs Alabama) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Alabama Football hosted Auburn Football in week 13 of the 2022 College Football Season.

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  1. Ashford has matured a lot as a QB. To be a RS freshman and do all that… he’s got a lot of talent and a bright future

  2. Win/lose/draw, Bama fan since 1961! SEC is the best! No other league is close. My issue is Gary Daniels, he should not be calling ANY GAMES in amy league, specially the SEC! FIRE HIM NOW!!

  3. I have a feeling we going to the.playoffs lol let's go

  4. 5:38 He can run and we see flashes of pure greatness in throws like this. This is what people mean when they say, if he develops more he’ll be a literal monster. He has the arm, he has the power, he has the legs. He just needs to work and balance them all equally. There’s not a better throw anyone could have made, he caught him in stride deep in the corner. It all comes down to offseason development.

  5. Anybody have a clip of the Will Reichard tackle?

  6. 6:38 he touch it If he didn’t touch the ball it wood hav fall flat 2 the ground

  7. Brooks, Michi Junior miss my nigga # Michi

  8. I'm still mad at the fumble that happened at the beginning of the game and the weird "muffed punt" call. Either way was still fun to watch

  9. Auburn seems to be trying to put its own football program in more debt running the coaches off and paying for their contract buyouts.Keep on doing it and their football future will become very dark.

  10. Wondering how good we could've been if we still had Gus and Bo Nix.. At least would've went to a bowl game

  11. The only team in the country where 10-2 is a "bad" season. Natty or bust! Roll Tide!!

  12. We're proud of you Alabama. You just beat a 5-6 team by the same spread as Michigan beat Ohio State lol

  13. Roll Tide 4 life is right, no bandwagon fans allowed!

  14. wheeeellsss, I NEED college basketball 😢😢😢

  15. Lol the thumbnail shows the truth . All alabama does is hold.

  16. Why hasnt Kedrick Law gotten more snaps this year!?!?!

  17. plenty of good effort from both teams. great game

  18. Young the best pocket passer Bama had in yrs

  19. Beating teams you should beat isn’t impressive to me

  20. nick saban salty cause deon keep stealing all his stars

  21. Alabama played so damn good/ Bryce Young was a monster at Iron Bowl 2022 / I'm proud of my team/die heart bama….Roll Tide

  22. Auburn tigers and Alabama crimson tide is both of my college football teams and that is straight facts 💯

  23. I won that game best iron bowl game ever and roll tide alabama are the best team in the nation 🐘🐘🏈🏈

  24. this was such a satisfying end after a season of struggles. Roll Tide.

  25. Alabama always use to be number 1.
    What happened to them?

  26. Bryce can make every throw. My only concern is how he'll hold up in the NFL cause he's smaller than TUA. Hopefully he'll avoid any major injuries.

  27. I know bama may not make the playoffs but they had a good season because two teams got our revenge georgia beat tenn and atm beat lsu so yea I’m happy about their loss lowering their playoffs but I’m sad to see Bryce go but we got to see what these others qbs go but I’m happy Alabama season ended in a good way ROLL TIDE FOR LIFE I’m going to miss bama


  29. Coach always says: just because you are asked to do something doesn't mean you have to do it.”

  30. As an outside observer, it becomes challenging to recruit and keep good athletes when they know the history and turnover of coaches, most great teams are well-developed because of a stable coaching staff. Ideally, a coach would love to have a decade to recruit and establish his own system, unfortunately in this world of instant gratification that is no longer how things work. I heard a joke yesterday about the new coaching portal, you get a random coach, assigned every year and that should be really exciting. Sadly we don't have a playoff and somehow a committee picks the final four, I guess basketball has it all wrong, Duke and Kentucky would get automatic bids every year, because that would be fair for everyone, right?

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