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80+ Point College Football Games

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In this video, I put together a compilation of College Football teams scoring 80 or more points. Enjoy!

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  1. Too bad there's no footage of Fresno State puttin 94 points on New Mexico in 1991.

  2. Man it's cool and all but what about the film session for the defensive players. I feel so bad for them. The coaches most likely tore them a new one

  3. Didn’t Ohio State recently put up 80+ on a MAC school? Like, within the last 8-10 years? I wanna say it was during Myers time there.

  4. Hey where is Penn State-Cincinnati in 1991 I think. I was there 81-0 Penn State blew them out.

  5. Bruh you cut it too soon I wanna see 80 points on the scoreboard

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  7. In 1968 Houston beat Tulsa 100-6 and Dr. Phil was on that Tulsa team at the time

  8. Playing any madden game with the difficulty turned down

  9. high school teams could beat Savannah State 😂 they were so bad

  10. Im a Michigan fan 78-0 vs Rutgers falling just short of this list

  11. I seriously have never heard of Savannah State….

  12. This is the same Georgia Southern who played Alabama and Nick Saban was quoted as saying, "they ran through us like shit through a tin horn" after they put up 302 rushing yards on that 2011 defense that is regarded as one of the best of all time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Bama fan but that was an impressive outing by Georgia Southern, no doubt. Alabama's defense only allowed 938 rushing yards on the entire season.

  13. Someone’s playing NCAA football on freshman I see.

  14. Bama vs LSU 2020 could be here if bama tried in the second half 😅

  15. 1950

    North Dakota 0
    Kentucky 83

    Sadly not televised

  16. who's here after Nicholls State beat Lincoln MO 87-3

  17. Savannah State were also 70-point underdogs in a game against Florida State maybe ten years ago. They have an illustrious history of getting blown out, it seems.

  18. My former high school basketball team: 55. Savannah state: 20

  19. Then there was the time when Utah State dropped 84 on Boise State. That happened in 1975. I was in the stands at Bronco (now Albertsons) Stadium. That was when the Broncos were in Division 1-AA and in the Big Sky Conference. The final: 84-21.

  20. Penn State came super close a couple years ago, pasted Idaho 79-7, and it wasn't even that close, backups were playing most of the second half. Idaho was a bad team and Penn State was a national title contender, but still that's an impressive score.

  21. 1991 Penn State beat Cincinnati 81-0. JoePa was even a little apologetic about the result of the game afterwards, he even was playing players that had never played before and defensive formations to try and help Cincy get on the board.

  22. Rutgers fans, I just have a very important question, why do you put yourselves through such an abusive relationship with that team?

  23. My high school played a game that ended 99-81 as the final score

  24. Ohio State ever year put up many points against m

  25. Nebraska 1983….. cornhuskers 84 Minnesota Golden gophers 13

  26. Tcu doing that against a decent conference opponent (Texas tech) is pretty impressive

  27. How about when Penn State put 81 on Cincinnati?

  28. 8:56 How many sips from his flask had the cameraman had by this point in the game?

  29. Poor tcu that was the year they got robbed of the national title ngl

  30. My team in madden 21 face of the franchise

  31. Where is Mike Lupica to cry about the score in an in conference football game? I'll never forget OU A&M 2003 you weasel.

  32. That West Virginia announcer has got to be an auctioneer as a side job!

  33. I was at the UNC game. The game was so high scoring that the football team nearly beat their basketball team. For reference, the basketball team scored 83 points and won that same day.

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