#9 Alabama vs #11 Ole Miss Highlights | College Football Week 11 | 2022 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#9 Alabama vs #11 Ole Miss Highlights | College Football Week 11 | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Alabama vs Ole Miss Highlights (Ole Miss vs Alabama) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Alabama Football visited Ole Miss Football in week 11 of the 2022 College Football Season.

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  1. Everybody brings their A game vs Alabama

  2. Offensive coordinator lost the game for Ole Miss, lack of creativity

  3. I'd it just me, or did anyone feel that Dart seemed slow and a bit dulled.Not up to the level of the team.Kiffin may have called his number too often on runs.Both are just talented as hell squads.

  4. Bama defense played that old school rough defense last night

  5. BAD Call.Ref No good in this Game. Saban knows he got help All night. Ref no good in Game. bama got Bet . FACTS 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. Mississippi sucks about everybody goes for Bama

  7. Great game Bama,but 2 no calls are burning me up,that could have made HUFE differences. The head shove into the turf of our QB and Evans concussion hit helment to helmet, I hate the Targeting Calls, but if they are a rule then GD it he got hit square in the ear hole with the crown of helmet

  8. Alabama should have lost cheat bad calls are no calls

  9. Ole Misss play callings were poor during that last drive.

  10. Dart is inexperienced. He’s a child and still thinks like one. You can’t be a super hero kid just do your dam job

  11. Bama bleeds red just like any other team. The dynasty is coming to an end 🤔.

  12. Sorry but I NEVER subscribe to a beggar who begs noisily for subscriptions.

  13. I was shocked they didn't throw a flag on that last play when it was clearly a clean play.

  14. It still feels weird seeing Alabama playing games knowing they're out of playoff contention. Even when they missed in 2019, they were done in the Iron Bowl, not a few weeks before it arrived.

  15. Bama didn't know that lsu have won to put an end to their SEC title defense

  16. Bama is the only SEC team that gets "home cooking" when playing away…

  17. Never seen a more overrated qb than Bryce young.
    This guy has all the talent around him, an somehow they got 2 losses lol. He doesn’t play complementary football. Usually Bryce young will try to throw it 50 times, an it makes the entire team look bad. This game, Bryce young was struggling in the first quarter, an bama starts running it (finally playing complementary) an doing good.
    Go to the 4th quarter an Bryce is throwing a lot again an giving ole miss chance after chance. McClellan was the mvp of that game, bama got wayyyyy to much talent on that roster. Ole miss lost that game, they shot themselves, that sure as hell wasn’t Bryce young saving the tide

  18. Ole Miss is a PATHETIC football team. It couldn’t get the job done at home.

  19. As a Bama fan, that last play had me shitting bricks like aTm’s last play against us.

  20. Damn we got to understand am from bama but we didn't get to our goal but a great win I love the fight can't go to the playoffs every year let someone else have it and bama fans just be happy

  21. Iknow 90+ year old women that's hate 2 Lz and sad but a big win one more season Bryce finish

  22. @10:28 tried the same move last week on LSU linebacker Harlod Perkins and got sacked. That alone speaks of the greatness of both players.

  23. Surprised none of the ole miss players helped their qb after that facemask

  24. Look Bama doesn't need to do anything in the off season and other than bring in the number one recruiting class they don't need to change coaches or anything saving knows what he is doing these coaches he has right now are going to bring in one of the best recruiting classes he's ever had at Alabama there's no need to get rid of Bill O'Brien I mean he just recruited possibly the best quarterback in the country in 2024 to come to Alabama over LSU and Georgia ( Julian Sayin) and Pete Golding is an absolute Mastermind at pulling in amazing defensive players and you know why sabans not going to do anything and why Bama fan shouldn't be worried and complaining and bitching because we were going to lose two games this season because we lost two games by a total of two points a piece four points total kept us from having an undefeated season. Now did you hear me right two points in two games separated us from being undefeated playing for the SEC Championship and going to the National Playoff and not….. basically Four Points and we need to make changes I don't think so!!!! Bama fans can cry murder all they want but we keep the coaches we have because saving has such an massive turnover I mean the longer he keeps these coaches the better this staff will be and I believe he's got some guys on this staff that'll be with him till he retires. I mean if we were so bad in such a horrible let down year for Bama fans then how come Four Points kept us from an undefeated season I don't think that's much to b** about or worry about. And all these players and ex coaches questioning the state of Bama football well there's nothing to question come on everybody let's get a grip it's going to be okay . four points that's it kept us from an undefeated season and everybody wants to go crazy and act like the Dynasty is falling apart. Coach Saban will have us in a national championship by 2024. Just ride with it

  25. Alabama doesn't deserve to be in the top 10. A 2 loss team shouldn't be there. Simple proof of the SEC being biased because of the fan base and money Alabama brings in! It's disgusting 😒

  26. Alabama's players look like they don't want to be out there half the time. So much talent and such little development and lack of an actual system to utilize the guys they have. Also one of if not the most undisciplined, least physical teams Saban has ever fielded. They make every offensive play look so much harder than it has to be, they can't seem to do the little things right, and that defense has no fire, no ball hawks in the secondary, is constantly out of position, and can't seem to maintain intensity when it has mattered most. Ole Miss is not a good team either but Bama nearly found a away to give them this one. There is a serious cancer in this program that must be found and destroyed before it's too late.

  27. That extra head push against the Ole Miss QB (after he was already down) by Ala #15 @ 6:27 in the 4th should have drawn an U.C.; 15 yard penalty and auto Ole Miss 1st down. The official was looking righ at it and didn't call it. Ala # 41 even pulled him off of him. Why does Alabama always get away with this? It could have changed the outcome of the entire game. Kiffin should be upset about it.

  28. Alabama is 4.pts away from being undefeated and about 2 or 3 plays away.from having about 4 losses. Crazy

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  30. These safety's now at bama have now ball tracking skills, they only lock on the receivers and never look for the ball. These recruits coming in are ball hawks. This will change in the near future!!

  31. Why do people go to these Alabama games…Nick Saban is the king of redistribution…Just make the white kids pay for the scholarships and don't give them any…

  32. Pay Lane Kiffin 10 million bucks to come back to Bama as its OC. Saban retires in three years and LK becomes Head Coach.

  33. bama is too superior!!! sorry! i mean.. they own the show .. the highlight reel! etc etc.

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