#9 Clemson vs #23 North Carolina Highlights | ACC Championship | 2022 College Football Highlights - ishmargames.com

#9 Clemson vs #23 North Carolina Highlights | ACC Championship | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Clemson vs North Carolina Highlights (North Carolina vs Clemson) | 2022 ACC Championship Highlights. Clemson and North Carolina played in the ACC Championship Game in the 2022 College Football Season.

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  1. That fuckin' 🍌 as the ref fell was beautiful editing!

  2. Did anyone see the banana bottom screen when the ref fell?😂

  3. We the fans been screaming to get Cade in 5 games ago. DJ can join the cheerleaders, been sick to my stomach watching him go 3 and out all year!! Wasn’t fair to put Cade in with a minute left in the 3rd qrt on our 5yrd line against ND. Our OC is a complete idiot for screwing up our playoff chances…. Eat crow

  4. Downs should wrap and tie more rags around hisself !

  5. UNC needs a new coaching staff period I don’t blame the players!!! All that talent UNC has just on the sidelines watching and not in rotation is nonsense

  6. Players reflect their coaching and UNC is never prepared for the big dance and as A UNC fan I don’t expect mediocre or us to be average especially with the talent that has been brought in !!! Bring us a big time coach with fresh ideas and a tough coach so he can toughen up our football program because we as fans believe in heels and we are ready to excel land be national championship winners!!!

  7. That’s ridiculous that they put that white boy in at the end of the year after DJ led that team all year. Typical racist clemson.

  8. Maye need to transfer to Ohio State. Imagine him with all them weapons.

  9. Dj is going back home and playing for ucla next year

  10. How that ass whooping feel that y'all got last week 😂

  11. Cade did great. And clemson still rules the conference apparently

  12. The banana when the ref fall was so funny bruh

  13. Dj getting benched in a game against a team that lost to a 4th string qb. Oof

  14. Antonio Williams sent dude FLYING on the sidelines after that screen pass 😂

  15. It will be all klubnik next year and I bet you Clemson will be one of the top 4 teams in the county

  16. they cant beat carolina though!!!!! GO COCKS BABY

  17. Dj needs to transfer ole miss wouldn’t be a bad or baylor

  18. I was at the game cheering for unc… We left at the end of the 3rd quarter lmao

  19. Everyone is saying now it’ll be Tennessee vs Clemson in the orange bowl..and I think that’s a bad match up for us. We don’t have Hendon anymore and Noe Milton can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Clemson will beat us like a rented mule

  20. When cade first got in and through the screen to 0 he knocked that north Carolina guy on his ass out of bounds

  21. Wiggins needs to hold onto that football…lol

  22. I wonder if that Shipley related to the great Texas Longhorn WR Shipley

  23. with them game klubnick just played i think its fair to say that was one of DJ's last game starting for clemon lol

  24. Football is electric again at Clemson. No denying that.

  25. I don't like Clemson. But Case is going to be really good…. Sucks lol

  26. Is it just a coincidence that Cade goes in and then a receiver makes it over 100 yards for the first time all year?

  27. As happy as I am with the win I'm sort of at odds with the fan base after this big win.
    A lot of us Tigers fans are under the delusion that this year's team was only a few plays away from playing for a Natty, but if you look at this team there's a great amount of talent but there are still some major problems to address and Cade alone doesn't make this team a national contender
    As a long time Clemson fan I'm honest enough to admit that this team and program is a few steps away from championship material. There's a lot of fundamental work this year's team was lacking and their offensive scheme and coordinators need major work in forming a sense of identity.
    I honestly don't want this team ANYWHERE near a championship caliber football team because teams like Georgia would smoke Would smoke the crap out of us. And you'd be lying to say we'd make it in the SEC.
    Bottom line there's a lot to feel good about as a Tiger, especially Clubnik and Trotter and Allen, but there's some major improvements and or changes to be made in order to get back in the championship picture. For now we only have that many wins because the ACC is so god awful that even people within it can't defend it.

    So for now as a Tigers fan be happy but stay humble.

  28. Clemson should have played Cade the whole season. He's a much better QB for them.

  29. Crazy how bad Dj is and makes me think less of Dabo for playing him for this long. Kid clearly doesn’t belong

  30. I was trying to watch NFL highlights done by the NFL. They should be paying you, because your highlights are awesome. There’s are just garbage, no flow, and they skip the vast majority of actual plays.

  31. UNC needs to figure out if they’re actually good or not

  32. Imagine ClemPson with a SEC schedule. It'd be worse than the molester who ClemPson covered up for DeShaun Watsons coming out party yesterday.

  33. Maye looks like Freddy from iCarly, except he's a jock in college. 1:17

  34. Dj Uiagalelei: oh nno wweere ddoiing howwible
    Cade Klubnik: Hold my beer

  35. Ahh, that’s why I saw Clemson’s other QB hitting the transfer portal

  36. I knew Carolina was going to get slaughtered the women's teams are either winning national championships or playing for them the men's teams not so much

  37. I don't think streeter is bad coordinator anymore, dj just couldn't execute…

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