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999 IQ Moments in Football 🧠

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  1. Me siento viejo, pues miré todos esos goles en vivo😢

  2. La dernière séquence, genre qu'il a évité la position avancée. 🤯

  3. 😂man the player didnt now that the ball was in the line akili.nani anaweza kuitika akatwe meme nina tega man 😂

  4. Why the hands ball trick??😮 to get a free kick vs. a sprint dribble towards a goal??? Beats me⚽️

  5. ODIO los fondos musicales que le ponen a algunos vídeos

  6. No entendi el primer clip, no se fue la pelota verdad?

  7. I accept world class skills and win all the time

  8. Whoever that loves football/soccer…

  9. Who else notice what the Defender did when Jamie Vardy meet him inside the post 😂😂😂😅😅 bro run for his life ❤

  10. Bro that first one was crazy it got me dying😂😂

  11. I dont get the first one can somebody explain

  12. The one of the handball was so good🧠🧠🧠

  13. … ich verstehe das Erste irgendwie nicht!!! 😆

  14. Лучшеб футболл играли 😊чем воевали все кругом 😊

  15. Ниче не понял в первом случае

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