A Beginner's Guide to American Football | NFL UK - ishmargames.com

A Beginner’s Guide to American Football | NFL UK

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Join us as we take you through the basics of American Football.

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  1. Watching this video because want to watch super bowl tonight

  2. I like the music. Reminds me a fun chess match or something 😂

  3. We Americans call it "Football" it's because the ball is a foot long = 🚩🏈🚩

  4. As a young soccer/football player i want to learn a new sport

  5. 0:43 must move atleast 10 yards every 4 plays. What would be classed as a play? If one person passes ball to another is that 1 play? Is a play when the ball moves between players?

  6. Onside kick to start the second half! says:

    Me watching this despite knowing all most everything about football

  7. Why are all the biggest guys trying to crush each other while the skinny ones are playing football?

  8. Tyvm I'm new to football and I'm gonna sign up next Saturday I'm scared tbh bc I kinda don't get it

  9. Too much background noise to actually understand the game

  10. I love American football and I can talk a lot about it

  11. Cool now I’m ehhh? Ready to play Madden22 umm 🤔

  12. Punters Matter!! Hey get used the most on 4th down!

  13. Is it Jack Geller doing the VO? Monica's father!!

  14. Too complicated in sticking to real football

  15. American football isn’t popular across the globe except the US for following reasons:

    * It is too complicated to understand
    * There is literally barely any gameplay seen. Most of a match is bombed with tv ads. And when there is action it lasts only secs and therefore can go on for hours making the game boring.
    * Some players barely get involved particularly the special teams as they just come on to score a free kick
    * The uniform is over the top and can be uncomfortable in hot weather
    * The game is more like chess as it requires strategy and tactics
    * American football is more like a fighting game than a ball game as all the players except quarterback and receivers literally wrestle each other

  16. music is so loud I can barely hear the guy speaking

  17. I've been watching college for about 2 years and NFL since last season

  18. As an American… I’m embarrassed to say that I needed this video

  19. Should be called American FightBall or ScrumBall instead

  20. The person that invented what US people call "Soccer" (but that is really played mainly using your feet) was such a genius! Tennis I can understand people liking. Ping pong is fun to play but only before it becomes so fast you can't see the ball.

  21. me as a cheerleader trying to figure out how this sport works so captain doesn’t have to break it down to me

  22. american football: all this
    rest of the world football: you kick the ball into the goal, whichever team does this most wins

  23. Why is the music louder than the narrator's voice

  24. I'm from the UK trying to learn this so I can play Madden online with some American friends but I still don't get it. I guess I'm just going to have to figure it out as I go along.

  25. It’s actually alot more simple than I thought 😁

  26. American here who married an NFL fanatic. Trying to learn so I can stop saying embarrassing sh** when we are watching football in public

  27. this sport is for primitives😵‍💫, civilized world plays soccer👍❤️

  28. The background music and cheering is way too loud, it drowns out his voice.

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