Alabama A&M Bulldogs vs. Jackson State Tigers | Full Game Highlights -

Alabama A&M Bulldogs vs. Jackson State Tigers | Full Game Highlights

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Check out these highlights from the Jackson State Tigers’ 10th straight win of the season after the Tigers defeat the Alabama A&M Bulldogs, 27-13. Coach Prime and JSU became the SWAC Eastern Conference Champions with this win today.

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  1. Who ever edited this game need to be fired I seen the same played multiple times

  2. I just have to say. The SWAC refs all need to be replaced horrible performance week in and week out.

  3. What's the word Shadeur? After the hit I didn't see anymore highlights of him on offense?

  4. Mental mistakes by JState…almost cost them the game

  5. I definitely noticed that they don't review a lot of plays as if you were in a bigger School Alabama per say

  6. Ashame that players have to act like idiots after making a catch

  7. These are some sorry a$$ ninjas im sorry this not good football like a 6a playing a 5a only gonna compete for 1 half


  9. Thankful for Eaton posting all of jsu football games hbcu on the rise

  10. Congrats coach Sanders on the conference championship and win

  11. I never understand why white southern inbreds feel the need to criticize anything that isn’t inbred controlled or ran😂. Funny how inbred hick southerns come here to show that wonderful southern hospitality. No wonder all southern states rank dead last in education and reading 😂

  12. Honestly, I hope Hunter goes WR in the NFL cuz his reads against a defense are so nice! BUT that being said… he’s a rare 2-way talent and it would be sick af to see him play both ways at the pro level. So… we’ll see what happens.

  13. Wasn't a good game for Jackson State. They have to clean up a lot of things to continue to be the class of the SWAC .

  14. Is anyone going to mention how awful the 2nd string quarterback played???

  15. This game 🤡! Refs suck. This suppose to be a blow out.

  16. JSU gotta get bigger and stronger in the trenches if they wanna take on bigger schools

  17. That Travis interception looked like he was THE WR 😤😤😤💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾Then Sanders be dropping dimes in the smallest windows bra 😳

  18. Hats off to Deion Sanders. He's coaching a great "College" High School team.

  19. Fr I was like ok somebody got they playbook or something l

  20. Heisman Competition must be Rigged for Power 5 Conferences it's No Reason they can give Why Shedduer Shouldn't be a Top Heisman Candidate Tom Brady see how Gifted he is.

  21. It's not that Jackson is good it's just that everyone they face is trash

  22. Much respect to both teams putting their best foot forward in this game. Alabama A&M got some solid skills players on there team. JSU backing what they preached all week. We can be successful young men!

  23. Send all of the Jackson State players to the NFL even the bench

  24. literally 50 people in the stadium. What a shame !

  25. "The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it." –Henry Ford

  26. Say what you will about Coach Sanders, but HBCU football has never received this much attention.

  27. Aye man…. Shedeur slinging that mf rock today!

  28. Keeping sharing Neon Deion and I'll keep coming back. Thank that man for your growth.

  29. I seen that to. I pick up my phone hour later and seen other wise. Goes to show you don’t believe every thing you see.

  30. The views on their game highlight videos speak for themselves. JSU is the hottest team in the country.

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