Alabama Crimson Tide vs. LSU Tigers: Best rivalry games | NCAA Football Classics -

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. LSU Tigers: Best rivalry games | NCAA Football Classics

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Relive the best moments of the historic SEC rivalry between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers, including Alabama’s 2008 overtime win in Death Valley (0:05) and No. 1 LSU’s 2011 win against No. 2 Alabama (1:30) and Bama’s win in the 2012 BCS Championship Game (2:04).

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  1. LSU Tigers vs Florida Gators Best Rivalry games

  2. War eagle Auburn but much respect too you guys just not to Georgia:)

  3. Iron bowl is slightly better ecspecially 2004 to 2013

  4. Who else has no shirt on while watching this?

  5. I don’t believe the Tide have a weakness this season. Kicker, maybe? Maybe LSU can expose one on Saturday.

  6. All the NFL players in this rivalry is INSANE

  7. Inbred bama about to get punched in the mouth in Death Valley. My LSU Tigers have come a long way this season we're moving forward not backwards!

  8. Not really a rivalry when a team wins 7 in a row

  9. That is Trent Richardson's prime right there

  10. I might say something that's unpopular but I don't think that this is a huge rivalry game like everyone is hyping it up to be. To me it only became a big deal when Nick Saben came to Alabama and these two teams were usually good once they met. Before Saben came to Alabama, I don't think it was a big rivalry game, but now ESPN will have us think that this is THE Game to watch. Alabama's Big game is Auburn and vise versa, you can ask ANY Alabama fan and the one game that they want to win is Auburn not LSU. If I ask LSU fans I feel like I'll get a different team BEFORE Saben came back. They might say Florida, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Georgia, or Alabama, no one can agree on a team. Cause you sometimes have a rivalry game near the end of the season. Not saying that you can have some at the middle of the season but the BEST ONES are near the end. How can you have a rivalry game when one team doesn't even care if they lose to you and the other team can't even make up its own mind on which team they want to beat the most. Once Saben retires or leaves Alabama (which doesn't seem likely but with every team; college or professional willing to do whatever it takes to have him and the offers are interesting to keep him listening.) LSU will most likely find another team to make a big deal out of. I'm not saying that you can't have more than one rivalry game but everybody has to agree on that one game that you don't want to lose regardless of how good or bad they are.

  11. Hate to rain on your parade LSU fans – But your team has been mediocre for the past 8 seasons or longer – Last season Alabama beat you WITHOUT Tua – Reality will set in and BAMA will remind you why they are the BEST team in college football

  12. Football is getting boring lately

  13. I want LSU to win, even though I am a Ohio state fan

  14. Guess what lsu… remember that l vs the gators…

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