Alabama vs LSU Full Game | 2022 Full College Football Games | -

Alabama vs LSU Full Game | 2022 Full College Football Games |

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  1. At just over a minute left in the 1st quarter with Bana backed up,the LSU db tackled Brooks on 3rd down.

  2. Glad Golding isnt Bamas defensive coordinator this year! It will be a close game. It would be ugly if Golding was still there.

  3. Alabama got helped so much by the refs Lsu literally had possession before the guy touched it and the ball got tipped before the pi but still got beat

  4. What a blessing this was my first game ,, I will never forget this day … TigerNation!!!!

  5. Man I miss CFB so much 😢 the atmosphere & tradition is everything plus SEC football games are the best

  6. So glad I didn't have to listen to the CBS announcers rooting and crying for bama on this great win.

  7. We don’t need that stupid distracting ad in the bottom right corner of the picture! 😒

  8. 3:58 left in the 1st qtr…3rd and long, ALA struggling to form a play bc of the crowd, Brian Kelly "Timeout timeout"

  9. Any time Alabama and/or Bryce Young lose, it's a magical game.

  10. how many flags will be thrown in this game my god

  11. Boy this W felt so good to go to work on Sunday with my LSU gear on and rub it all in my coworkers face that we won. Come to think of it none of them showed up. Who would’ve thought! 😅haha anyway GeauxTigersBaby! We didn’t win the SEC Championship BUT beating Bama is just as equivalent!

  12. This video pauses at 1:18:55 with a Michigan vs Rutgers update. Michigan won that game. This OT is why college football is the better viewing than the NFL..

  13. Yeah thanks for this one. Awesome game. Maybe one of the best games I've ever seen. LSU is definitely back. That call by Brian Kelly to go for 2 was a gutsy move. I think I watched every single second of this game Saturday night.

  14. Thanks bud! What a game! Man this is close to what happened in 2014 except we couldn’t finish it at the end! Glad to get revenge! Was at 2014 game, would’ve been sweet to rush the field after this one idk if I would’ve though lol a lot older!

  15. Great play calling by denbrock on that first td score from lsu! 2nd 15 and Alabama brought a all out blitz, we got emery on a quick dump off for the TD! Awesome call! Especially being right after your TF OT will C just gave up a easy 5 yard sack! I wonder who picked that 2 point conversion play to win the game, denbrock or my guy BK!?! I have a feeling they both knew If they needed one goal line play to win the game they wOuld run that play so maybe it was automatic the moment BK said let’s geaux for it so basically a mutual decision!

  16. Also I’m gonna say burns even though he got burned on the play on Alabamas first FG scoring drive still had the heart and maturity to know he needs to chase him down and make the tackle! That saved us 4 points and probably won us the game if he doesn’t get there!

  17. Perk 40 is the dawg! He gonna be perk 7 next year! Well deserved honestly only one that has deserved it in a while! Loving Matt house and his defense and his scheme! I do wish he would see how trash my boy Ali Gaye is! I think he basiclly almost cost us the game by missing a sack that perk 40 basicallly pushed Young into him and he let him break through a poor arm tackle attempt to then throw a td! When we are looking for a spot for perk 40 and 100% especially on passing downs we should sub him for Gaye over BJ! Now in that play idk if Bj was in also but perk was playing the edge that BJ usually does so I thought he could’ve subed in for him! Instead if he wants put BJ on Gaye’s side and let perk come off the right side! That’s so much better then leaving Gaye out there if it’s an obvious passing situation!

  18. Looked like the only spot we were vulnerable all night was the middle of the field throws coming across especially! Idk if that’s by design or if they just schemed it well when we played certain coverages as they knew there would be a void there!

  19. They could’ve won if they kept running with Gibbs more lol bill o brien is gone!

  20. Wtf why does Saban go for 2 on the last TD they score in the 4th with 4:45 left?!? That’s what lost him the game!

  21. BK shedding a tear at the end is the icing on the cake! This meant the world to him but it also meant the world to Louisiana! We haven’t beaten them in Death Valley in a while, this is the place no body beats us especially at night! Let’s go on this new run for consecutive night game wins in the Death Valley!

  22. I’m so glad it was this crew calling the game instead of Daniels

  23. Welcome to officiating in the sec coach lol you won’t get the calls in Louisiana lol is what it is

  24. He wanted to take it out of the everyone’s hands but their own ✊🏽🐅🐅🐅

  25. Wow !!! I'm a Gator fan but imma donate sum cash to LSU program..just because they beat the overated the Bama Girls….they didn't win by 60 points like the Alabama fan through my cousin let his fucking Dogg off chain just to keep me from joking the shit outta him tonight..I'm so happy they lost ..

  26. "Tiger Stadium is haunted and all the ghosts favor the home team." – John Ed Bradley

  27. People forget, LSU was 1 play away from beating Bama last year🤷🏾‍♂️

  28. LSU had 2 losses in 2007 and won the natty. That's why you play the game. Line it up. See what happens

  29. Alabama too good to take a point after try! Bama coach just gave this game away. Bama players should be pissed at coaches.

  30. Thanks for this. Great cap–best ever!

  31. Can’t recall what I was doing that caused me to miss this game, but SO GLAD it’s up on YouTube for me to enjoy. One for the ages. Guessing there might have been a drink or 2 consumed down in Louisiana in celebration of this win. 🤔

  32. I woke up and made a last minute decision to go to this game. Best decision I've ever made. Check that off my bucket list!!!

  33. Such a fun game to watch! Loved seeing the players help each other up after tackles. Loved seeing the quarter backs run and throw.

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