Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2022 Week 18 Game Preview -

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2022 Week 18 Game Preview

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  1. how is this season almost over already? got the 9ers winnin this

  2. I really luv how SF fans are being humble this week against a weaker opponent. Instead of all the trash talking they usually do. LOL

  3. 49ers win 10-34 cardinals are a mess and sad they cant any watch for the other teams for the 1 seed

  4. 10 for the 10th and Super Bowl Bound 20Twenty3

  5. I really want to see the 49ers as next years Hard Knocks!

  6. Blough looked good in preseason for Detroit. It's too bad his old team mate Rondell Moore won't be available.

  7. Niners are due for a loss and the Cards are due a win so as a Boys fan I am hoping on the Niners/Eagles losses

  8. Thank you game preview game! You are, in fact, the man

  9. This is it the last game of the NFL season an NFC west battle the cardinals vs the fourty-niners this is it the fight for the first place in the NFC spot let's go niners beat the Cardinals fellas bring everything you got to the cardinals offense and keep the cardinals offense from scoring forty-niners defense 👍🏾✌🏾☺️✊🏾 🤘🏾💪🏾🏈💯🔥😎


  11. 49ers are going to win cardinals have been 🗑️ and Deebo returning vs them and elijah Mitchell ❤️🙌🏾💛🔥💪🏾🔒 and Brandon and kittle yeah Um can’t see the cardinals winning and I think the 49ers will fix there defense I mean Kyle ain’t gonna allow them to not fix it ! And since the game the 49ers we’re allowing the raiders to almost win the game but glad we won over them 🤞🏾👊🏾

  12. M. Grant (whoever the hell that is) has the Cards scoring 20 on this defense?! 🥴

  13. This will definitely be one of those any given Sunday games for sure.
    Let's go 49.

  14. I have the 49ers winning bye A lot I mean the cardinals are absolutely trash and the only good player on there team is jj watt and the score is probably going to be 35- 10

  15. Almost had a heart attack but the win was the best win for me. ❤💛

  16. I've been a 49ers fan for 32 years I guarantee you Arizona is not going to go down without a fight I just hope all our guys make it through this healthy because the playoffs are coming and I really believe this is our year go Niners

  17. He spoke more about the raiders than the cardinals didn’t even sound like a sf az match up preview

  18. Bang Bang Niner Gang with that said peace and much love to JJ WATT a beast always have a great retirement here are those much earned 🌺🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹🌹

  19. Unless you're an SF fan this has to be the least anticipated game of the week. 😂

  20. Niners dont want to face either the Lions or Packers in the first round.

  21. Cardinals may win this game , don't take them lightly

  22. The Cardinals filth string QB just completed a 23 yard pass! To the other guys? SF 31-13. Btw, do they have technical knockouts in the NFL? The refs should stop this…

  23. 38-13. Parents are covering their kids eyes now, shielding them from the carnage.

  24. Lord please don’t let jimmy come back as our QB.

  25. Another completed pass by AZ to the other guys. JJ just said 'WattTheFuck?'

  26. The Niners should have opened up the game in victory formation.

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