Army vs Navy Highlights | 2021 Army Navy Game | 2021 College Football Highlights -

Army vs Navy Highlights | 2021 Army Navy Game | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Army Navy Game Highlights. Navy vs Army Highlights (Army vs Navy) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Army and Navy played in the 2021 Army Navy Game.

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  1. NAVY here to stay. ARMY thank you for your service.

  2. 768 billion for war piggs and we don't even have a $15 an hour minimum wage.

  3. Can never figure this game out. How tf can 3-8 navy with nothing to play for beat 8-3 army. It’s a bull a shit. Makes no sense

  4. Best uniforms for both sides I've ever seen. They rock!

  5. I didn't know ref's had cameras on…why is that not used in play reviews more often?

  6. Every American football team should run out the tunnels with usa flags like they do……

  7. The best game in college football. For pride only, not the nfl scouts. Then stand next to each other for the songs. Then in combat.

  8. Well, you have to figure that "Navy" also includes future Marine Corps officers. So the Army is really battling two services, not just one. The Air Force used to be a part of the Army until 1947. But the Marine Corps does not have its own academy so they go to the Naval Academy. I sometimes wonder if Navy would win as many times without the Marine Corps midshipman on their team.

  9. Biden skipped the game to avoid the Lets Go Brandon chants. LMAO

  10. Navy had a hard schedule with a LOT of close games. This win did not surprise me with Army's weaker schedule.

  11. lets all glorify the military undustrial/unacountable/non transparent, guzzling 50% of the worlds oil
    and now its about merchandising things that resemble weapons and camouflage …complex
    all wars are fake.FASCIST against FASCIST ….keep out of ALL OTHER FOOTBALL YOU nazi GUNFREAKS

  12. SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}

    ooooo weee GREAT GAME AND FUN..!!

  13. The teams' entrances, the Apache choppers and jets gave me chills. And I'm not even American!!!

  14. No matter their records this game is always special…thank you for ur services

  15. The intro from both Navy and Army was everything. Gave me chills

  16. Although I was at the game it's great to see these highlights. Was hoping for an Army victory as my son is a West Point cadet but I have to hand it to Navy as they outcoached and outplayed the Black Knights.

  17. When the teams do pass the ball it works out pretty well, maybe they should try more of that !

  18. Great game, salut to the service, greetings from Berlin Germany

  19. I’m pretty Sure Both teams are stronger than Normal NFL Players😅😅😅

  20. Let’s go Brandon…. Oh wait you didn’t show up

  21. Great cut up dude. Way better than nfl highlights.

  22. Even way down here in New Zealand, I've always loved the Army-Navy game!
    The razzmatazz! The sheer energy, pride, patriotism and passion!
    Nothing matches it!
    My father was in the Royal New Zealand Navy during WWII so gooooo NAVY!
    I do, however, love the several big Army officers running in alongside the Army team – each of them looks like Sgt Hartman!
    "You got a WAR FACE? Let me see your WAR FACE!" "AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" 🙂

  23. Always the hardest played game of the year . Really need to play on grass , so you can see the mud , the blood and the grass stains .

  24. Oregon may claim to have the best uniforms but they have nothing on army and navy

  25. @ 3:56 Cole Talley & teammate celebrate simulating smoking mj 🚬That's a big negative for me, stopped watching from there🚭

  26. I remember i went to westpoint for this game and it was like negative 10 degrees outside…💀

  27. Was at the game insane atmosphere crazy Game hope metlife stadium hosts again in 2026

  28. It's nice to see patriotism at a football game for once.

  29. So these people are really in the army and in the navy ?

  30. Even though both teams are at their core option teams. You can tell that the offenses have really evolved over the years.

  31. Eeeeeesshhhhh, but hey not one is using the branches slang terms,

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