Army vs Navy Highlights (AMAZING OVERTIME THRILLER!) | 2022 Army Navy Game | College Football -

Army vs Navy Highlights (AMAZING OVERTIME THRILLER!) | 2022 Army Navy Game | College Football

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2022 Army Navy Game Highlights (Army vs Navy) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Army and Navy played in the 2022 Army Navy Game.

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0:00 Team Introductions
0:55 Game Highlights
19:45 End Screen

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  1. As an Army Veteran 12B5PS (1980-2005) I always enjoy the Army-Navy Game.

  2. That shameless WHEELS plug almost killed me 😀

  3. as a european i am not in to american football. usually too much business and not sport. that is cool. you feel it has history and is about more than a players paycheck. enjoyed watching this without understanding the rules. both sides showed great spirit. thats what makes sport so amazing.

  4. Why are all the players male-identifiers with disgustingly high testosterone levels? Where are the WOMEN and TRANS.GENDERS?!

    President Biden, where are you? This must be corrected, or else we cannot claim our military is truly WOKE !!!

  5. Man, I don’t think the Navy Head coach could have possibly pulled a more Navy move in the wearing of a Lei & Anal Beads…. Lol wtf… Go ARMY!! Hooah, Climb to Glory!!

  6. What a game !! In opion they are both winners 🏆 God Bless our military.

  7. What a showdown. Black Knights prevail in overtime. Truly America’s game.

  8. Those NASA helmets are the greatest thing ever!

  9. The service academys should concentrate on how to win wars, not play football.

  10. Go show Army! it is good that you can advance on your opponits mistakes! That's American!

  11. Talk about incompetent offenses… 3 completed passes between both teams. What a joke. Both schools need to recruit a damn quarterback…

  12. Way to go Army from the Great White North. (Perseverance) This game was not good for my blood pressure…haha

  13. ARMY QB was getting bailed out on terrible throws lol

  14. WOW!! what an entertaining game to watch! just kidding… just watching the highlights (supposed to be the best plays of the game) was boring. all the QB's did was hand it off or run it themselves. (majority of the time barely getting back to the line of scrimmage). every pass was 20 yards overthrown, with the first completed pass being in the 4th quarter with 9:56 left in the game.. yawn! no wonder they are 4-7 and 5-6 on the season

  15. Poor #34 was inconsolable. Hard loss. Win as a team, lose as a team.

  16. damn, that navy guy who fumbled will always remember this moment. my heart goes out to him

  17. I only wish our elected politicians were half the men and women of army and navy cadets.

  18. Best game of the year. Both teams fought and played like champion's.

  19. First time in 16 seasons that bets on the over has won. It was at 32.5 points.

    Literally free money betting the under starting 2006 until now


  21. Two of the ineptest offenses in college football.

  22. What a Rock'em Sock'em game……Thanks to all that served and Merry Christmas

  23. Why is the name "Black Knights" not racist… Redskins is?

  24. Saw it in person. Unreal experience this year.

  25. I still say the academies should go to the FCS, they’d be more competitive and could possibly compete for National Championships. It wouldn’t hurt their recruiting.

    That fumble will be replayed in the runners head for decades to come.

  26. They /them defeated they/ them in OT-LGBQRTSDF.

  27. The Navy uniform is absolutely dumb! What are they the nasa academy now 😂

  28. Navy's helmets are straight class they are so clean with the Nasa collab

  29. NASA uniforms looked so cool what a game

  30. So hard watching these guys play they really are not good they can’t stay on their feet for the life of them, every other play they are tripping themselves lmfao, I don’t get it, is it only army and naval people or are people going to play just football it’s so weird

  31. Bro and they can’t hold on to the football

  32. Football aside…………I was in the Navy for 11 and a half years. Don't mean shit unless you get the retirement. Fought in OIF and OEF. My chain of command did not give a fuck about us. Love USA! Fuck my commanders! Yes! Ok. If you don't get it you will get it when the aliens that have been here for many years reveal themselvelves. Love you and i am ready for all conspiracy theory and racist and sexist and nazi and facist and bigot claim………… and……………this comment is not AI! Lol. Resonate? If not you are gone. I crush all weak men.

  33. My brother was Christopher Jon Dirks. My best friend. Look it upwhen he graduated from Annapolis in the late 1980's. And if you want to fuck with him you fuck with me……… got it? Laugh please as I 'm ready and willing and………….as the mental programming tells us on TV……………………….able.

  34. How come they didn’t take off army’s TD on the illegal block in the back ?

  35. Good job from Army defene, they know how to tackle properly. Navy tried a lot of trick plays and Rpos, pretty smart but army can tackle

  36. 3 completed passes all game and yet still 1 of the best games of the year

  37. Even their football skill sucks, their spirit are always encouraging and the BEST!!!😅

  38. The Arms uniforms make them look like real soldiers!

  39. The only way to get 20 minutes of "highlights" in that game is just to play overtime without editing.

  40. Just think about it — every injury is a disability (to a degree) that tax payers will fund till the player dies. Putting it that way, this game should be banned. LOL

  41. If this is highlights it should be about 5 seconds long. That was a horrible game

  42. I had a platoon leader who played at West Point. I remember him telling us that we could not imagine the pressure cooker that game was. Half the Generals and Admirals in the military were there, you were playing for the entire Army.

  43. Wow what a game…..I though Navy had it….Great Job Army

  44. Never an interesting game to me. Both teams are routinely awful and irrelevant.

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