Assassins Creed Brotherhood : DEFENSE Wins Football Games ! -

Assassins Creed Brotherhood : DEFENSE Wins Football Games !

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This is a wanted match where i go over the finer points of a defensive game… Not to mention the random tangents i may take.



  1. Personally, i choose SB / Poison over SB / Mute because usually with blender and a little guts , you don't need an extra defensive ability . I only use SB / Mute if i'm in a match full of professionals .

  2. This is exactly how I play Wanted on this map. I always hang out in that same area near the preacher. I go between the blend spots near the two hay stacks and that blend spot right in front of the preacher and just rack up stuns with mute/smoke or mute/firecrackers. Plus, so many people go to that area and since I'm already there I rack up tons of Incognitos. I actually really like this map as long as I'm winning, but if I'm losing and only have 1 pursuer it's a pain in the arse.

  3. How dare that fat ass Blacksmith interrupt YOU morning for your fellow Prowler buddies! What a douche!

  4. it was entertaining but you did not give a single tip besides be defensive.

  5. lol nows these days u can hide and def and people find u just like that

  6. wow dude you're not obvious.
    slow down, speedwalker!

    ROFL 😀

    looking forward to buying this btw

  7. @wolfdark4 its the brotherhood DLC 2.0 in the xbox marketplace

  8. I just witnessed PERFECTION!! And it is true, defense does win football games. Hell, defense wins the damn superbowl. It appears it also owns butt on stabbing people to death XD.

  9. stop at 5:23 then play the video keep pressing 5 it keeps saying btches lol

  10. Gzus christ why you taking so much & why are you talking 2 you screen ??

  11. seriusly i dont got these map how do you get theam are it the Da vinci ??

  12. I was enjoying the commentary immensely before but when you inserted the Black Dynamite clip it killed me XD subbed my friend. Moar ACB!

  13. I have watched a few of these videos and i wouldnt be half the assassin i am now witout watchin them, props to Shenmue36!!! oh and Captain Awsome is AWSOME!! lol

  14. everytime i watch a youtube video i see people in player matches are more people in player matches or something

  15. @jemoederjaXD haha nice ;p me 2 its life less i mean why you should hack? search a girlfriend or something xd

  16. you play in a "french version" of AC brotherhood ?
    i heard the herautl talk french ^^

  17. "No running in the halls!"
    I love your videos. Make them forever pl0x.

  18. why do so many team 2012 team vids have 1 dislike?

  19. dudes.. add me.. ilove brotherhood players GAMERTAG: Taz192

  20. love the double lure. The barbers all like 'SHIT! CHOSE THE WRONG GUY!' and the doctors like suck shit i will get the other guy and the points, kills the civilian, and you casually pop out of the hay bale. FUCKING LOVE IT

  21. i have learned something rom this video…YOU ARE AWESOME 🙂

  22. @TheShenmue36 is this also somewhere for ps3?

  23. Lol at: sombody call an ambulance is there a doc in the house, o ya I killed him

  24. 3:30
    how on EARTH did you not only KNOW he was your pursuer, but STUN him without a power up as well?

  25. I am runefang's medula oblongata, I get stabbed 15 hundred times, i kill runefang

  26. you by far have the best commentaries on AC multiplayers. Keep em comin

  27. Hi dude~I really enjoy all of your gameplay videos of brotherhood multiplayer mode. I learned a lot from it. Just one puzzle I wanna resolve, how do you judge who are the guys hunting for you? It seems that you can stun them accurately. You did really amazing job!

  28. Loving words to say to a blacksmith in your way
    *bump* "move it"
    *bump* "BEAT IT FATASS!!!" >:O

  29. @sunjimy2 they speed-walk or aren't walking the exact same way as the npc

  30. The only reason she killed you is cause she's Sarah the Smuggler. I would feel honored for her to snap my neck.

  31. probably the laziest video i've seen… good though.

  32. This shit was funny AF!!! I was laughing in class while watching it… Good shit

  33. shenmue patch hahahaha still cracks me up even after all these years

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