Auburn Spring Game Recap | Auburn Tigers Football -

Auburn Spring Game Recap | Auburn Tigers Football

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Hugh Freeze and the Auburn Tigers Football Program wrap up thier 2024 spring game. Headlined by Cam Coleman, taking a look at some of the biggest takeaways form the Auburn Spring Game.

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  1. As usual, ROC Boys on time and on point. WDE

  2. Payton Thorne is going to NEED this WR room to catch the ball to make him look better. And this room IS the real deal this year. The R part of the RPO in this A Day game wasn't really on the table because the Defense KNEW Thorne wasn't a threat to run, of course. Can't have him get injured. So the D was able to key on the RBs on running downs. The Defense had a great day, including a bunch of the young guys!

  3. Perry Thompson will likely play early as well. Probably will be a starter by game 4 or 5

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