Backbreaker is a very confusing football game -

Backbreaker is a very confusing football game

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Backbreaker is 10 years old and it is a very confusing game.

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  1. NaturalMotion gave us this…wowed football gamers with the non scripted tackling, Abandoned this and then just focused on mobile games (CSR, CSR2) lol dammit!

  2. Bruh im so glad u did this I had this demo on 360 it made us laugh Hella hard after smoking

  3. The creators of this game just discovered bloom & it's painfully obvious LMAO

  4. 7:49: "Who is this man?"
    …I'm pretty sure that's Drew Morris…

  5. Drinking game, take a shot every time he says Morris! Lol

  6. I remember being so hyped for this game. I followed the development from day one. Never played it.

  7. This looks like one of those fake games you'd see in an ad for an ISP who wants to be hip with the gamers ™

  8. Whhhhy are these models giving me low unity model vibes

  9. My bestfriend is in this game as a DT even though in real life hes 6'2 170lbs lmao.

  10. U call this Football? I thought this was Rugby

  11. lol @ that offensive pass interference on yourself

  12. I own this game and play it every now and then. As confusing as it is, it's really fun

  13. He should have made his team 99 overall so that drew Morris would be number 1 ultimate narcissism

  14. i played the albsoulte crap out of this game it had its moments

  15. I’m getting motion sickness just watching this thing

  16. Such a GREAT game but the camera angles made it non playable….

  17. How people who've never played football, think it's like to see out of a helmet

  18. I remember playing this demo at Best Buy back in the day before it came out and I remember just leaving the console because I was so disappointed with what this game was

  19. Even the between play camera angles, where you're just watching guys walk around, are hyper zoomed in…why?!

  20. What’s the game where they show the animation of you getting your bones broken

  21. I wish they brought this to newer consoles I loved this game

  22. Backbreaker was a dope game lots of fun playing this! The hit sticks are insane

  23. My major issue was definitely the camera… Literally a good version of All Pro 2K8

  24. My game is stuck in the menu when I press x I dosent do anthing

  25. this game would be amazing in multiplayer

  26. tackle alley use to be really big on youtube back den when this came out cuz a lot of ppl speedran it or see how far they could getfr

  27. “Just don’t throw a pick drewski that’s all you got to do” Legit one second later-“THATS GOING TO BE PICKED OFF WHAT A CATCH”

  28. What was the name of #16 again? He was purty good.

  29. The whole morris Shtick made me laugh more than it should have lol

  30. I can tell what's happening.. the camera angle is actually pretty easy to follow if you actually use your brain

  31. It would be interesting to get more football games with the Euphoria physics engine.

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